Why do footballs bend?

How brands advertise with the round leather

The round leather is currently omnipresent in advertising. The fact that every second TV spot and every third print advertisement seems to be about the World Cup has nothing to do with the fact that the official sponsors and partners of Fifa and DFB are so present with their campaigns. All possible brands are currently jumping on the World Cup train and trying to get the best out of the mega event. HORIZONT.NET presents a selection of the most daring free riders.


"The round has to go round!" Is the slogan that the Berlin agency Glow came up with for the Munich lingerie label BeeDees. But the modification of the traditional soccer slogan "The round has to go into the square" is unfortunately neither funny nor original, but - very different from the cleavage of the participating model - simply flat.

SCA Hygiene Products


"More security in midfield!". The slogan with which the Tempo manufacturer is currently promoting its men's diaper brand Tena Men is actually so bad that it is almost funny again. One can only hope that nothing drips with yogi boys!



The Media-Saturn subsidiary Redcoon also remains true to its line and has started the "cheapest World Cup of all time". In the Facebook competition, a jury led by testimonial Micaela Schäfer selects seven women who are to compete in beach soccer against SV Rot-Weiß Billig. What all this has to do with the World Cup in Brazil can only be discovered by Redcoon and his agency Serviceplan.

Old Spice

Sure, Old Spice has done some sensational advertising in recent years. The commercial with the title "Drill to Brazil", which is currently making the rounds on social media, is unfortunately another example of how brazenly the topic of the World Cup and Brazil is currently being dealt with. The message that Old Spice is now also available in Brazil is not only completely lost in the spot. It should also miss the bottom of those who are interested in the soccer World Cup in the country.


In a current TV commercial, the Johnson & Johnson brand Listerine shows that there is also bad World Cup advertising from official sponsors. The fact that football fans are often hungover during World Cup times and - as is currently the case in Brazil - are not getting enough sleep is nothing new. But the fact that their mouths are attacked by "millions of harmful bacteria" - and that they therefore have to fight them with mouthwashes from Listerine is a bit far-fetched! mas