Where can I buy backlinks

Buy backlinks

In this guide, we'll show you how to use financial compensation cleverly to optimize your outreach:

Step 1: The right research of the landing page: only buy German backlinks!

In order to buy backlinks, the first thing to do is to find the right page. When researching the landing page, it's not just about the domain rating of a page. The following four points should be essential in your search for the perfect landing page:

  1. Professionalism, topicality & language of the website: The site should blog regularly and look professional. In addition, the language should be tailored to your site - buy German-language sites German backlinks!
  2. High traffic: At best, the affected page has a lot of traffic, because in the end it is not about Google rankings, but about website visitors.
  3. High Authority (High Trust): The authority of the site plays an important role, as a small part of the trust of the linking site is transferred to your site (keyword trust flow).
  4. Relevance to your topic: The topic relevance should also be in the foreground when selecting the page, since an unrelated link simply looks very unnatural and is significantly less effective. The guest article topic has to suit you and the blogger!

To evaluate these four aspects, you can use tools such as Ahrefs, SimilarWeb and SEMRush. In this video you will learn all about link ratings:

Step 2: The right position - where should the link go exactly?

Once you have found the right page, you should think more about it. Preferably before contacting the webmaster. Where should the link be placed? Because not all websites allow an ideal case that looks like this:

  • The link is in a non-commercial, purely informative guest articles.
  • This guest article is published by you as an "expert" on this topic - author boxes also make sense because the Quality criteria (E-A-T) from Google probably already consider such boxes today!
  • The anchor text: Many SEOs get greedy quickly and build backlinks with perfect anchor texts. However, we link either with a pure brand anchor text or a very careful, natural phrase match + brand anchor text. The anchor text should invite you to click on the link. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself: would you click this link?

It is important that the guest article and the anchor text correspond to the Website content fit. The theme, style, and layout shouldn't be very different from the other posts on the page. In this video you will learn what to look out for when setting links so that your backlinks look natural for the Google algorithm:

Your goal is to get one Link, traffic and / or brand awareness to win. That is why you can also buy from a smaller site if the publication "only" provides a relevant link, for example.

Step 3: Write politely and kindly to webmasters

It then becomes the webmaster of the researched page polite and friendly written. Think in advance of arguments about the benefits the webmaster will get from a guest article, because the blogger will not publish the article to do you a favor.

Introduce yourself and explain in the email that you are in the context of Research work on the website carefully and think this is great! à Authenticity is the key!

Point out the similar content between their website and yours, and ask if it would be possible to publish a guest article. Webmasters like to hear the following arguments:

  • High quality content is a matter of course for you.
  • Your content covers exciting topic from: Submit several topic suggestions for a guest article to the webmaster.
  • Social proof: where have you been published?
  • Offer the blogger to publish a guest article on one of your other blogs (triangle link exchange)
  • OR: a financial one Compensation for the linking (do not offer in the first step!)
  • Make sure to send an error-free and serious email.

Does the webmaster agree and negotiate the price? Ok, admittedly: One of those quick response and price negotiation work very rarely. But let's assume that for the sake of simplicity. In the next email, there are a few things you should definitely clarify before your money is invested.

Are you still unsure? You can find detailed instructions for the perfect guest article request here and more tips in this video:

Step 4: Agree with the webmaster in advance

Before making a purchase, everything related to link placement should be clarified. This way you can be sure that there won't be any nerve-wracking discussions or even problems afterwards.

  1. Check the frequency of link sales: Does the webmaster sell links more often? If he just wants to earn something on the side, that's okay. If the webmaster sells links on a regular basis, then according to our classification it is already a "professional link seller".
  2. A backlink should ideally be no Nofollow link be: That should also be clarified beforehand. The nofollow attribute ensures that search engine bots do not allow the link to flow into the search engine ranking.
  3. In addition, you should agree that the link should remain on the website for at least two years.
  4. The style of the article should be under no circumstances should it be written in advertising. The article should be helpful and of high quality for the readers.
  5. It should be linked either from the author box and / or the primary content.

After the publication you should of course check whether the link was used as agreed and whether it works.