How is nicotinic acid made

Niacin helps with cell division (8/14)

Part of the niacin that the body needs for a sufficient supply is made from the indispensable amino acid tryptophan.

Which foods contain niacin?

Niacin is found in all animal products such as meat, fish, game and poultry that also contain tryptophan. Herbal products contain small amounts of niacin, but these are difficult to utilize.

The niacin content in roasted coffee is remarkable: it contains one to two milligrams of nicotinic acid per cup.

A deficiency in niacin is practically non-existent in the usual diet, the recommended daily dose is easily reached. Niacin is also relatively unproblematic in food, little is lost through prolonged storage or during cooking.

However, side effects such as a feeling of heat and inflammation of the gastric mucosa can occur as a result of an overdose. The critical amount of 35 milligrams per day can hardly be achieved through food alone.

Recommended daily dose for adults: 11 to 17 milligram equivalent, for example contained in 500 grams of whole wheat bread.

What is meant by "milligram equivalent"?

Some vitamins come in different forms, the effectiveness of which is different. The indication in equivalents is used to make the different forms comparable.