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Eggshell powder

Product description

Calcium intake in particular plays a major role in raw feeding. This can be achieved through adequate bone feeding. If no bones are tolerated or if they should not be fed for health reasons (e.g. kidney disease), eggshell powder is a good usable animal calcium source for daily feeding. It ensures balance in raw boneless feeding by balancing the high phosphorus content of the meat with its natural calcium content. The fine degree of grinding ensures high bioavailability.

  • Neutralization of excess phosphorus with a bone-free diet
  • as an extra calcium source in case of increased need (growth, pregnancy, lactation)


100% eggshell powder


Info: 1 g contains approx. 370 mg calcium. Pregnant and lactating bitches as well as growing puppies require up to 180 mg Ca / kg body weight.

1-10kg1 MSP to 0.25 tsp
10-20kg0.25 to 0.5 tsp
20-30kg0.5 to 0.75 tsp
30-40kg0.75 to 1 level tsp
40-60kg1 to 1.5 level tsp
Weight0.20 kg
Product content

200 g



Type of meat

do not apply

Feed type

Complementary feed

analytical components

We produce our products ourselves from natural raw materials.
Please note, therefore, that the analyzes are subject to natural fluctuations.

Raw ash95.9 %

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