Why is smoking allowed in US casinos?

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There is a wide range of must-see experiences in the City of Sins. Unfortunately, many tourists who have not yet reached the age of 21 have to find that many doors remain closed to them. Many who are not yet 21 wonder whether this vacation is worthwhile for them.

Curious laws
The USA is known for its differently regulated bans and permits. Some of these are also very strange. In the state of Alabama, for example, it is forbidden to beat wives with a stick that is larger than the diameter of the thumb. In Colorado, free-range cats are required by law to wear a reflector. The state of Florida has also regulated an extremely unlikely situation in the legal texts: If an elephant is tied to a parking meter, a normal parking fee has to be paid.

Strange rules in Las Vegas too
But even in Las Vegas, the state of Nevada, there are such extremely strange regulations. It is illegal to pawn your teeth or ride a camel on the highway. It is allowed to hang someone up within your own property if they have shot the dog. According to the law, sex without condoms is prohibited here. However, completely different legal regulations for vacationing in the casino metropolis are decisive for tourists.

Smoking in the US
"It's the law." Is the saying in the USA that could hardly be more accurate. The laws are taken very carefully there and you should also be careful not to violate them as a tourist. Smoking in the United States is largely prohibited in public. There is a nationwide ban on smoking in places, restaurants and bars. However, not all states have adopted this. In Las Vegas smoking is seen much more loosely than in other states of the USA. Although smoking is prohibited in the restaurants there, most bars have a smoking area. This is not a crime in public either. The bottom line in Vegas is the casinos. It is handled differently there than elsewhere. Smoking is often permitted there and there are separate non-smoking areas.

Alcohol in the casino metropolis
Even if a lot is allowed in Las Vegas, alcohol can and is only sold there from the age of 21. For many tourists who have been 21 for several years, it is still very unusual to be asked for their ID when buying a beer. This is due to the harsh penalties and good local law enforcement. When buying an alcoholic drink, it is also wrapped in a paper bag. This is to hide the fact that it is an alcoholic drink. However, everyone on the streets of Las Vegas knows what is in such a paper bag. Drinking such a drink is also prohibited in the vicinity of the supermarket.

Las Vegas is Las Vegas
The US may have many laws that seem daunting at first glance. However, the whole thing is seen a little less strictly in Las Vegas than in other places in the USA. The local police usually overlooks it when you drink your beer on the public streets without the usual paper bag. Of course, this can vary from police officer to police officer, so you should be careful there too. However, the age limit should not be misjudged. Before the age of 21 one should not use these luxury foods.

Las Vegas is a city for everyone. Be it families, newly married couples, singles, homosexuals or transvestites. Age does not matter. Even without public alcohol or nicotine consumption, the city offers more than enough opportunities to spend a relaxing, eventful or adventurous vacation. In hotel complexes such as Mandalay Bay, visitors can only spend their vacation there and take a truly special vacation experience with them. Thus, Las Vegas is an experience for everyone in all age groups.

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