How am I supposed to learn dance at home

4 easy ways (from home) to learn to dance πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒπŸ»

The nice thing about dancing is that anyone can learn it. You don't need any special equipment. And you can even learn to dance from home. In this article we will tell you how to do it very easily!

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YouTube is the largest β€œdance school” in the world. There are thousands of dance tutorials. And you can find videos on every imaginable dance style - from ballet to discofox to salsa.

Of course, this is only possible because anyone can upload their dance videos to YouTube. And this is exactly where the great advantage, but also the disadvantage, of learning to dance on YouTube.

You can find YouTube videos of tango world champions and swing legends. But that's exactly how you find wrong instructions and far too difficult explanations.

And the Of course, individual videos do not build on each other step by step. This can quickly lead to frustration because you choose a dance move that is much too difficult without mastering the basics.

Special: The best YouTube channels for learning to dance.
So that you don't have to search for hours, we have selected the best YouTube channels for learning to dance. All channels are from real Dance professionals operated. So you can trust that you will learn the right dance technique right from the start.

A) Doodance
Doodance's YouTube channel is the perfect channel for dance beginners. Here you will find step-by-step instructions with simple explanations and exercise phases to join in. There are dance instructions for Discofox (THE dance for beginners), Salsa (Top party dance for hot nights) and the most popular Wedding dances (Viennese Waltz & Slow Waltz).

B) Conny & Dado
In their YouTube channel, the dance professionals Conny & Dado give her lovable Dance knowledge for social dancing further. There are different, interesting formats: "Snacks", "Vlogs" and soon also "Quick Tips". A good channel especially for those interested in salsa.
C) Dance with Anna
With Anna's channel you come really work up a sweat. Because there are dance workouts, hip-hop dance videos, ballet tutorials and much more.

Learning to dance is easy with these YouTube channels.

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The exact opposite of YouTube are private lessons at home. Here you can book a professional dance teacher for a few hours of practice at home.

Private lessons in your own four walls are of course not cheap. But you get them for that Undivided attention from your dance teacherwho gives you individual feedback on your dance technique. This enables very targeted training.

There is one disadvantage, however: you have to fixed date agree with the dance instructor who must suit both you and the dance instructor. So unfortunately it is not possible to simply learn to dance when you feel like it.

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When learning to dance with friends and family, you spend time with loved ones and learn something new at the same time. Win win!

Why hire someone else if you already have friends or family members who can dance? Maybe yours Roommate a real dancing bear. Or your parents have regular standard dancing and can teach you the steps for prom.

Your acquaintances may not be dance professionals and may not have an answer to every question. But they might as well teach you the basics. And you experience a great one at the same time time together!

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The modern way to learn to dance! You can practice at your own pace when it suits you best.

Online dance portals bring the best dance teachers in the world into your living room! Here you learn step by step using video lessons a certain style of dance. You first learn the basics and only then learn the challenging turns and figures.

The Advantage of online dance schools is clear:

  • You learn inyour pace to dance. Did you not understand a step right away? No problem! Just look at the lesson again.
  • You can learn to dance whenever it suits you best. You book a course and then have immediate access to all video lessons. No appointments. No queue.
  • You can get one on most platforms long-term access on the video lessons. So you can always refresh your knowledge months later.

Special: The best websites to learn to dance online
For the most popular dances, there are now very professional websites where you can learn to dance online. Here are our favorites:

Hey, that's us πŸ˜‰. Our goal is that you learn to dance quickly and effectively so that you can soon unforgettable moments on the dance floor experience! Our courses are aimed at beginners. So it's not a problem if you've never danced before.

Here you can learn salsa from real professionals. Patrick and Scarlet are two-time Canadian salsa champions and medalist at the World Salsa Summit. The course is in English and is aimed at both beginners and advanced dancers.

The Tangomeet website makes it possible for everyone Tango enthusiasts to learn from internationally renowned dance teachers. With Tangomeet you get an extensive, English-language introduction to the philosophy, steps and figures of Tango.

With video dance courses you can learn Discofox, Waltz, Salsa and Co. in record time.

You can find even more websites for learning to dance online in our article β€œ30 great websites for learning to dance online”.

There are good reasons for you wanting to start dancing. Because when you dance you are doing something good for your whole body, your head and your feelings:

Learn to dance Discofox now!

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