Can Trump save us

Trump's approach : The president wants to save the world all by himself

The time of talk was over, now actions counted. Donald Trump set this as a benchmark in his inauguration speech. But: How is that supposed to go well when he first kicks everyone whose cooperation he needs? He dismissed the “political class” as a band of thieves who enrich themselves and turn the citizens into losers. But without the MPs, senators and power brokers there will be no money for big infrastructure and job programs, no new health reform, no better trade deals, no wall to Mexico and no new immigration law.

Trump's inauguration speech stunned many people in the United States. And not just there. What kind of martial language was that? What kind of image of society emerged there? The neighboring countries, allies and partners have wreaked a "slaughter" (carnage) in the US economy, plundering jobs and resources. Now it is high time for protective measures, with “Buy American!” And “America First” he borrows linguistic images from the time of aggressive nationalism.

Trump's world is a world of the lone fighter without allies, in domestic and foreign policy. He introduces himself as “People's President” - one who makes the interests of the common people a priority. But he doesn't want to involve them in anything. Trump is saving America all by himself, by order from above - and threats. It sounds like a patriarchal government from centuries past. Politics means struggle, success can evidently only be imagined as victory over imagined enemies. “Win-win”, an agreement in which all sides win, did not appear in the speech.

Destructive approach

This is a sharp contrast to Barack Obama's inaugural speech from 2009, which was five minutes longer and much richer. Obama campaigned for participation, described an open civil society that participates in responsibility, decision-making and the exercise of power. The influence of even the best government is limited. Despite this insight, he was unable to achieve a lot.

Trump's first decrees have a destructive approach: he wants to undermine Obama's health care reform by withdrawing money, provided that this can be done without breaking the law; what should come instead and how remains in the dark. And he declares Obama's decrees to be invalid without replacing them with other guidelines for climate and environmental policy and the handling of illegal immigrants.

If he does not change this policy and does not seek allies, he will run against walls. Even with all the arrogance of the world that is tired of politicians and establishments, one cannot control a superpower with snaps of fingers and Twitter messages. That is simply impossible. The result would therefore be less of a President Trump, whom America must fear because he is moving too much. But an increased blockade of the already tenacious American policy, in which more fails than succeeds.

And the rest of the world, does it have to be afraid? His bold assertions can be countered with reality, the meaning of international production chains, the value of NATO, also for America. Dangers can, of course, arise from its unpredictability, provided that it induces opponents to make miscalculations.

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