How to Take Skittles Recordings

Major League Skittles (MLS)

The Major League Skittles (MLS) is an experiment on motor learning in which the test subjects (players) compete against each other in a league. The players train a virtual target throwing task (Skittles) in order to increase their hit rate and to prepare for various challenges. The players train an average of three times a week with 400 throws per training.
In addition to the development of the hit rates, the electroencephalogram (EEG) of the players is also recorded on some dates in order to measure the change in neural activity in the course of learning.

For participation, the players receive a Skittles League T-shirt, a basic salary of € 80 and various cash prizes, which are paid out based on performance and through solutions. Thus, a cash win of up to € 380 is possible.

further information on participation:

A normal training session usually lasts around 30 minutes and EEG appointments around 90 minutes.

First, the players train in order to achieve the highest possible hit rate (over 10 sessions). In three of these sessions, EEG recordings are made during the throwing process. In the first phase of the MLS, the winner is whoever has achieved the highest hit rate at the end of session 10.

After the players are experts in the Skittles task, they compete in various challenges (e.g. throwing with the left hand or throwing at different target positions). This phase of the MLS consists of 12 sessions in which 6 EEG measurements take place.

In total, the MLS will be held over 22 sessions (9 of them with EEG).