What is meaningful work

What makes you go to work in the morning? The nice colleagues? Or the appreciation you get?

Vebego is a family business that wants to make an impact. Our aim for 2025 is to contribute to the well-being of 10 million people every day. How do we do that? Among other things, by offering work that is perceived as meaningful. A job that you like to get up for in the morning. That offers development opportunities. A job that one is proud of and for which one receives recognition. We want to make all of our employees feel important. Make it clear to them that the work they are doing matters and contributes to a greater purpose. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and that you can perform optimally. The better our employees feel, the greater the positive impact they have on their surroundings. On their colleagues, our customers, their own environment and society. In this way we increase the impact they have.

Thanks to our own unique and scientifically sound research method called “Meaningful Work”, we can find out what our employees find really important at work. The study consists of an anonymous, digital questionnaire. The results of this study give us information about the extent to which our employees perceive their work as meaningful and in which areas we should make improvements. At Vebego, five factors seem to be essential in order to make the work meaningful. The main themes of the study are as follows:

1) Know why you are doing the job
2) Attention and commitment from manager and / or customer
3) Development of professional competence
4) A pleasant collaboration
5) Good framework conditions

By actively investigating how our employees experience these five factors and continuously improving them, we are helping to make work more meaningful. Every day anew.