How is ibhejo com

  1. Shop operator iBhejo CPSpays agency commissionlink-o-mat
  2. link-o-matinvolved its users in this commission
  3. User saves on shopping (effectively considered)

How is related to that?

I, the developer of, love bargains. As a user of various cashback providers and bonus point systems, I always want to know whether I can receive cashback by shopping in an online shop or bonus points by using a partner link, and ideally take advantage of the most lucrative offer. This was the main driving force behind the creation of offers a non-binding comparison of the offers of different recommendation service providers, cashback providers, bonus point systems, donation and voucher portals without guaranteeing the correctness or completeness of the information. The provisions of the respective provider always apply.

For the registration of new users, I receive a one-off premium and / or a share of the new user's sales from some of the linked providers (if my link is used for registration; the new user does not suffer any disadvantages) but therefore not given preferential treatment), the same also applies to other advertising partners. Apart from that, I have no relationship with the listed providers. I have no influence on how they work and can therefore not help with purchases that have not been credited.

In the result list of the search there are also some own partner links and other actions (sometimes also customer-refer-customer actions or similar), from which I partially benefit (e.g. by receiving a commission). However, these are color-coded and can also be recognized by the fact that none of the linked providers is named.