Can teachers identify plagiarism without using software

Plagiarism checks for teachers and schools

Plagiarism check - only a topic for universities?

Some countries have recognized the problem of plagiarized term papers and theses and are already carrying out plagiarism checks across the board. Austria is a pioneer, where the plagiarism control of all "pre-academic papers" - comparable to Abitur or specialist papers in Germany - is already an integral part of the assessment.

Seamless integration into the correction process

This is why PlagAware introduced functions and tariffs for plagiarism checks that are specially tailored to the needs of schools and teachers. The focus is always on a clear, uncomplicated and efficient integration into the correction process for the texts.

PlagAware offers teachers the opportunity to have students independently submit their texts to PlagAware's plagiarism checker. A special website is available for this, which schools can customize - for example with the school logo or color combinations and fonts to match the school's website. In this way, plagiarism checks can be seamlessly integrated into the appearance of the school when the texts are handed over.

Collusion check against unauthorized group work

The texts that are handed over by the students can be automatically collected in a class set on request: Teachers always have control over whether all work has already been submitted or whether - and which - work is still pending.

If desired, a so-called collusion check is carried out in the background while the texts are being collected. All submitted work is compared word for word and possible matches are shown in a clear comparison. Unauthorized group work can be recognized immediately and easily. You can find more information on the subject of "Comparing Texts" and "Searching for Plagiarism in Your Own Texts" in our article on the subject of text comparison.

Plagiarism check against copy & paste

The actual plagiarism check is started as soon as all texts are available. PlagAware not only includes all publicly accessible documents on the Internet in the search, but also all previous work that was done at the school if requested. For this purpose, PlagAware users have private libraries available in which school-internal texts can be stored.

In contrast to many other systems, all rights to these texts remain with the school or the author. In particular, texts in the private library are never used by other institutions for plagiarism checks and can be deleted at any time if necessary.