What does a white aura mean

The aura colors

On closer inspection you can see that it a basic color of the aura which roughly corresponds to the character of the human being. The colors of the current mood or emotionality are superimposed on it. The latter colors are in constant motion - currents, turbulence, increase and decrease in intensity, waves and vibrations.

Every color has its own developed (luminous) and theirs undeveloped (dark, matte) Tints: Clear, strong, luminous tones in the aura indicate positive qualities such as zeal, strength and willpower. Matte, dark, and dull tones indicate a lack of strength and stability.

With the help of numerology, an aura tree can be created in order to analyze the strengths brought along and to live more consciously with the help of the colors.

Possible meanings of the aura colors


Activity, joie de vivre, energy, anger, aggression, nervousness, contentiousness, grounding

Red as a mood color indicates vitality, extroversion, well-being and happiness. It can also indicate sexual energies. (Sensuality, liveliness, aggression)


Spirituality, frequent work on the mental plane, many trains of thought, clarity of mind, knowledge, science, distraction

Yellow as a mood color always appears when someone is concentrating and mentally exerting themselves. Reading, writing, and other activities that require concentration, as well as any left brain activity, result in a yellow aura. Yellow appears very quickly and quickly dissolves - an expression of the speed of our thought patterns. (Creativity, mind)


Feelings, health, joie de vivre, strength, sexuality, creativity, humor

Orange as the only mood color suggests feelings and emotions. If the color is clear and pleasant, it means ambition, a positive outlook on life and empathy towards other people. A cloudy orange indicates selfishness and pride.


Healing power: this color is very common in therapeutic professions. Earthbound, love of nature, creativity, hope, envy, insidiousness, perseverance

Green as a mood color can indicate a low energy level and a need to catch up on sleep. When the entire aura is flooded with green, a person behaves at a distance and withdraws from others. (Sleep is important then!) A very dark green is a sign of dishonesty and falsehood. A very light light green indicates healing energies. (Healing, love for nature) When green and blue appear together in a mood aura, this indicates sensitivity and intuitive abilities.

Blue / indigo

Care, nurturing, humanity, healing, intuition, motherliness, empathy, security, melancholy, sadness, loyalty, calm, stagnation, blockages, stability

Blue as a mood color indicates integrity, sensitivity, a positive attitude towards life and the desire to develop further. A deep blue indicates spirituality and inspiration. (Teacher, traveler, seeker of wisdom)

Indigo as a mood color is a sign of spiritual awareness. The person in question asks profound questions and develops his or her own belief or philosophy.


Spirituality, Intuition, Teaching, Clairvoyance, Magic, Spiritual Development

Purple as a mood color is typical for people who have a firm belief and develop their spirituality. Purple usually appears on the edges of an aura and seldom fully fills them (bishops wear purple gowns to emphasize their spiritual calling)


Spirituality, purity, selflessness, enlightenment with gold or silver points, addiction, freedom

White appears as a mood color when a person has intuitive insights.


Materialism, goal orientation, hard work, infatuation, sentimentality, naivete

Pink as a mood color appears when a person is loving, friendly and warm-hearted.


Smokers, money, economy, hard work and perseverance, but also illness and stinginess

Brown in the mood aura shows that a person wants to take on the dominant role in a certain situation, but does not succeed because of his negativity. Small brown spots can indicate a connection to the earth, but also to rigid and narrow views. Such people have a limited horizon, are not interested in new ideas and possibilities for action and are very self-reliant. You can bore others as they only care about themselves and only want to talk about their favorite topics.


Blockages, fear, confusion, illness

Gray as a mood color indicates indolence or dejection. It indicates a lack of imagination and traditional, unexciting, and sometimes even boring, views. This color can also appear in stressful situations.


  • Red and black = hatred, cruelty and strong malice.
  • Black and yellow = bad thoughts.
  • Black and green = envy, avarice and infidelity. Fear, hysteria, external energy, energy leaks

Black always has a very negative meaning, especially when it appears as a mood color. Usually it mixes with other colors, which then determine the negativity more closely.

Silver and Gold

Silver: intuition, idealism, reverie, visions Gold: unlimited potential

Silver and gold are rarely used as mood colors. They show that a person has inspiring or intuitive ideas that need to be well thought out before they can be realized. Sometimes it also means that a person suddenly has an extremely brilliant idea.

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