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Holidays in Egypt can be wonderful: lying on the beach or by the pool all day and letting the sun shine on your stomach, ideally with a cocktail in hand - wonderful. Many water activities are offered in the typical tourist areas such as Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh. The most popular are probably the snorkeling tours on the beautiful coral reefs, where you can experience the biodiversity underwater up close.

But after a week even this beautiful life can seem boring, and you don't really know very much about the history of Egypt. The famous pyramids and the Sphinx, the Nile and the capital Cairo - that seems far too far away. But here I want you guys 10 excursions in Egypt show how you can combine your beach vacation in Egypt with a little culture and sightseeing.

10 excursions in Egypt


Cairo | Dolphin swim | Luxor | Bedouin village | Camel ride

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Colored Canyon | Nile shipping | ATV tour | Island hopping | Abu Simbel


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You shouldn't miss these 5 excursions in Egypt

There are a few things that everyone must have seen or done once in a lifetime, and these five classic excursions in Egypt are definitely one of them!

1. Cultural highlights in and around Cairo

Anyone who has already traveled to Egypt shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit the capital Cairo with all its cultural highlights. The absolute must-see are of course the pyramids, the ancient ones World wonders and landmarks of Egypt. Near Cairo are the world famous ones Pyramids of Giza and with them of course that sphinx - I don't have to say much more about it, do I? By the way, it is just as worth seeing Egyptian Museum in Cairo, in which you can marvel at finds from the tomb of Tutankhamun and mummies of pharaohs among the approximately 50,000 exhibits. If you take more time for your excursion, you can also discover many other corners of Cairo!

Unfortunately, Cairo is quite a bit away from the typical holiday resorts like Hurghada - even so far that it is worthwhile to fly from Hurghada to Cairo and possibly staying there for one night. Or you can plan your excursion directly from home with your vacation and fly via Cairo to Hurghada. A highly recommended option is to get a guided, multi-day tour to book with a coach to the pyramids. It is generally not advisable to rent a car and explore Egypt on your own. The driving style of the Egyptians is extremely chaotic and such a long distance through the desert is sometimes a bit dangerous. Some even recommend driving in columns including police protection, which turns out to be quite expensive.

2. Swim with dolphins

To experience dolphins up close or even to swim with them - who doesn't dream of that? In Egypt you have the chance to do so if you have one Trip to the dolphins bay. It is nice that you get to know the animals here in their natural habitat in the open sea and that care is taken to treat them considerately.

3. Luxor and the Valley of the Kings

Luxor will also be the "City of Palaces" named and as the former capital definitely doesn’t have to hide behind its successor! A visit to the Karnak Temple, the largest temple complex in the country, is one of the cultural highlights that are part of every good trip to Egypt. Afterwards, you can get some nice souvenirs at the city's bazaar.

Not far from the palaces of Luxor is the Valley of the Kings, the largest Mortuary of the Egyptian Pharaohs with over 60 graves. The tomb of the most famous pharaoh Tutankhamun is also among them. Luxor is a little easier to get to than Cairo, but you should still leave very early in the morning for a day trip.

4. Excursion to a Bedouin village

Common destinations for beach vacationers are the Bedouin villages in the desert. On a tour by jeep you can get to know the culture of the nomadic people to a certain extent. Most providers include extras such as barbecues or the like in the price.

5. A ride on the camel

Some excursions also include a camel ride, but this is often a distance of 100 meters that the animals walk up and down, led by a guide. Not really the unique experience one hopes for! That is why I recommend you to book a longer tour to the Egyptian desert on the back of a camel to experience.

You can take these 5 unusual excursions in Egypt

If you are the type of traveler who likes to explore foreign countries as authentically as possible, far from mass tourism, you will unfortunately have a much harder time in Egypt than elsewhere due to the increased security risk. Exploration tours on your own should in principle only after careful consideration and sufficient Precautions to be undertaken. With the five other excursions that can be booked on site that I am now introducing to you, I may still be able to taste the Adventurers among you to meet.

6. Nuweiba Colored Canyon

The Colored Canyon, which in German too Rainbow canyon is called, because of the differently colored sandstone layers from which it consists, is nowhere near as overcrowded by tourists as many other excursion destinations in Egypt. And that although this marvel of nature offers visitors a wonderful view!

7. A boat trip on the Nile

Cruises on the Nile have always been popular, but a boat trip for a few hours is also very nice for an excursion. Especially recommended for Sunset!

8. With the quad through the desert

For everyone who likes action, I now have the perfect excursion: a quad tour through the Egyptian desert. The fun is inevitable! And surprisingly, this excursion is also one of the cheapest that I will present to you in this article.

9. A day trip to an island

Off the coast of Hurghada in the Red Sea are some beautiful islands, including Giftun and Mahmya. Even if you only want to relax during your vacation, a little change of scenery in between is really good. And who at so paradise islands Spends the whole vacation on the same beach, it is really your own fault! So let a yacht take you over and admire the colorful underwater world of the islands!

10. Abu Simbel

In Abu Simbel you can admire another piece of ancient Egyptian history, because Pharaoh Ramses had a temple built there. The huge 21 meter high statues guarding the entrance are pretty impressive. The small town of Abu Simbel is a good bit south of the popular holiday resorts. A trip here must therefore be well planned.

A few more important tips at the end

It is still safest in Egypt in the tourist regions of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. Here you can relax in peace and explore the area. You shouldn't necessarily fly to Egypt in the summer if you want to visit the pyramids. At the sea it is still bearable at the time, but at the pyramids it can be up to in July and August 50 degrees hot become. The chances of a clear view of the pyramids are higher here, but in the "colder" months it is still a lot more pleasant. For a trip to the pyramids, you should definitely take a hat with you to get one Sunstroke to avoid that could spoil your day. By the way, did you know that the gastrointestinal problems that some vacationers in Egypt often come from a sunstroke? And before I forget: You should definitely wear comfortable trainers and for temple tours a good flashlight take with you, as it is very dark there and the Egyptians often only use weak lights to see something.

Do you fancy a vacation in Egypt?

What do you say? Would you book such an excursion on your next Egypt vacation? Or could I even get you for yours very first trip to Egypt to inspire? I have to admit that there are some security restrictions in Egypt and therefore limited opportunities to travel freely and safely around the country. Can you speak from your own experience and have you ever made a tour to Cairo? Or did you use other possibilities to discover Egypt? Then please let me know and write your tips in the comments!


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