How can I buy a nebulizer

PARI BOY on prescription

The PARI BOY on prescription

You would like a PARI BOY or another inhalation device e.g. B. Use PARI COMPACT2? You can get this at the pharmacy or in medical-technical retailers. In most cases, however, doctors will write you a prescription for it. The doctor can even prescribe a special device for you, such as the PARI BOY on prescription. The health insurance companies cover the costs for the inhalation device including accessories and consumables within the framework of so-called supply contracts. However, some health insurances require a cost estimate before the costs are covered. In addition, the pharmacy can charge a surcharge for your inhalation device. The amount for this varies from provider to provider. Ask your health insurance company which individual reimbursement conditions apply to you and let them advise you.

Inhalation devices for children on prescription

In order for your health insurer to reimburse the desired inhalation device for you or your child, you need a prescription in the first step. Your doctor will decide which inhalation device is suitable for your needs or those of your child and whether you will receive the PARI BOY specifically on a prescription. To redeem your prescription, some health insurance companies recommend special pharmacies or specialist dealers, such as medical supply stores, with whom they have made agreements. You can find out directly in your pharmacy whether a cost estimate from your health insurance company is necessary for reimbursement of the PARI inhalation device or not. They will also inform you if further statements are required from the doctor and can submit the cost estimate to your health insurance company.

Year packs on prescription

With regular use, you should replace certain consumable parts of your PARI inhalation device once a year. The Year Packs for the annual exchange are reimbursed by many health insurances with a lump sum - for children up to the age of 6 in many cases also completely.