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Happy even without a husband: "I enjoy being single to the fullest"

It almost seems a bit desperate how partner exchanges keep throwing new figures on the market that are supposed to convey: Without a partner, everything is nothing. Only recently Parship announced: 82 percent of German singles long for great love. The really exciting point lies elsewhere: every third person is now single. And these singles may be longing for great love (who doesn't - it should even be the same for some married couples ...), but until then most of them will be happy and have a lot of fun. Not only that - new studies, for example from Washington State University, show that people who live alone tend to have meaningful, fulfilling jobs that they appreciate, and they feel in good hands with their friendships, which they can cultivate much more intensively than non-singles.

Katharina (42) from Stuttgart: "I enjoy being single to the full"

“Stefan and I were together for ten years when he told me that he had fallen in love with a colleague. Of course that blew me away at first. My best friend caught me, comforted me - and at some point said: 'Come on, get up, straighten the crown, go on. ‘And I gave a short shrug and then thought: Why not? It won't get any worse. The next Saturday we got up and went. We had so much fun! Since then we have always come up with great things to do. We go to the sea for the weekend, the other day we went to the spa, and we often go dancing in the evenings. And of course we also get to know nice men. Sometimes I even have dates that I just enjoy. Because I don't want anything solid. My new motto is: men only outpatient, no longer inpatient! I really love my single life. If only because I don't have to compromise or account to anyone. I do what I want. And nobody talks to me. Splendid. If I were to commit again, it would have to be an absolute hammer guy. "

Margret (64) from Potsdam: "I didn't want to go on living so lovelessly"

“It was the classic. Wolfgang and I got married when we were in our late twenties, had two children, bought a house, I gave up work because of the children, at some point I started part-time again, eventually full-time. Then the children were out of the house. Everything like in thousands of other families. But a small event started something for me that would completely change my life. For my 60th birthday, my sister Karin gave me a visit to a restaurant. It was a great evening. At the next table sat a couple in their 70s who were turtling each other very romantically. We loved them both so much! And then we asked each other: How happy are we with our partners? Since then, the question has never let me go. I took a close look at my relationship and was shocked. Wolfgang and I lived completely past each other. When was the last time we hugged each other? I did not know it. Kisses There wasn't any more. Evening conversations about how each other is doing? No. When I asked him about it, he just said it was normal after all these years. Then it finally became clear to me: I didn't want to go on living like this any more. When I moved out, many shook their heads. 'At your age!' Is what I heard most often. But I didn't care. I pulled it off and I'm fine today. I've even had a couple of dates. And I have a lot of great friends and acquaintances. I would rather grow old with them than in a shared apartment with a man for whom I no longer feel much. "

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Tips and information on the subject: Living alone has its advantages

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Why are many people afraid

“There are different reasons. They associate being single with personal failure or are afraid of being left without support in old age. Some fear loneliness. They believe they need a partner to survive in life. Some also need the man's financial support. "

Can loneliness also make you sick by living alone?

“It all depends on how you see living alone and how you organize your life. Even in a partnership, you can feel lonely if it works badly. Loneliness makes you sick when you see yourself as a victim who is not lovable, or when you involuntarily live alone. Those who can give themselves satisfaction will not get sick from being alone. "

Where does the courage of many women to live alone come from?

“Today women are better off economically and often do not depend on the man's salary. In addition: women are more self-confident, allow themselves to register their own needs and live according to their own wishes. Today you are claiming the right to be active on your own. "

What are the biggest advantages of being single?

“You can act according to your own wishes and needs without feeling guilty. You don't have to compromise or show consideration and possibly be accountable. Discussions are over for good and you can choose the people with whom you surround yourself. "

What is the best way to go about living alone?

“By asking yourself the question: What do I want in life, what is good for me and what makes me happy? Everyone has to decide for themselves. Then you should act, no matter what the answer to this question is. "