Babies are fearless

My 18 month old daughter is practically fearless

Written by Silvana on June 9th, 2009, 3:39 pm

At 18 months, my daughter is a very lively child with an excessive urge to move, she rarely plays quietly with a few building blocks or stuffed animals or something, she always has to be on the move, she almost only plays with the slide car or climbs non-stop on everything she gets under her feet, she is not in the least afraid. She is always busy in the living room with the push-in car or running through the room with the doll's buggy or climbing on the sofa and back down again, while I do a quick job in the kitchen, sink and do the usual little things. The kitchen borders with a frame opening in the living / dining room I can hear what she's doing but not constantly watching her actually had no doubts that something worse could happen to her, now there is a low child's chair in front of one of the two windows. This morning when I looked into the living room between the dishwasher, I was terrified she was standing on the windowsill with a grinning face and clapping (I thought shortly before that it was so suspiciously quiet) I never thought that she was this huge height between the windowsill and Could create a children's chair that is almost 50 cm, your children are not afraid of anything at that age, I was terribly frightened, but I can't have my eyes everywhere and some household chores just have to be done. The window sill / windows hardly have a place to hold on. Since then I have been with my daughter in the bedroom where she has a huge bag and I hardly let her out of my sight. If she has managed to get on the windowsill then she can climb out of her bed and injure herself? Should I then buy her an advanced crib? Unfortunately, you can't remove the bars from ours without ruining the bed, and you can't rebuild it either.


Re: My 18 month old daughter is practically fearless

answer fromSilvana on June 9th, 2009, 4:03 pm

Otherwise she is a very nice girl and she also helps with setting the table (since then we have been eating from plastic plates ) but that's fine. She often takes out the plastic tableware for a company instead of 3 people and puts it on the table and the plastic cups as well, if she has a child's bar and opens it alone, she gives me the paper and not the floor so I can myself Hardly complain about her but that she is so extremely unafraid gives me concerns. She is quite advanced for her age - I was told at the last U - so I'm really proud of my sweetie.

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Re: My 18 month old daughter is practically fearless

answer fromjoy-for-good on June 9th, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

could have been mine at that age. don't worry so much, you can't always be everywhere. We have never had anything serious, I do everything I can avoid, but the rest ...
CIh can't change it, but somehow she can judge herself pretty well. Some things that are just too dangerous, I forbid, most of them not (because then, I'm afraid, they would disregard the prohibitions, which is now accepted by a few)
Whenever possible, I offer it an alternative or only restrict it instead of total prohibitions.
PS actually I think it's better than a child who doesn't dare.

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Re: My 18 month old daughter is practically fearless

answer fromMamaMalTwo on June 9th, 2009, 9:50 pm

Hello, so my children's cousin was the same at that age. At that age his mother also caught him doing gymnastics on the windowsill, to her huge shock with the window open and she was standing downstairs in the garden ... Thank goodness nothing happened to the boy.
Nevertheless, she replaced the window handles with lockable handles at the next opportunity. The boy is still extremely agile today, actually also skillful, but has a tendency to accidents, breaks his hand, his foot, squeezes his fingers, etc. They are now well known in the accident clinic ...
Oh yes, he got Ergo to advance his plan of action, but when I hear what happened to him it didn't do much good.
Some children are like that, so it only helps to have good nerves! LG

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Re: normal!

answer fromMijou on June 10th, 2009, 9:39 am


At that age, my children were also not afraid and would have plunged themselves into any abyss completely relaxed. So, even if it's annoying: Of course, you always have to keep an eye on your little one if she's already able to climb onto the windowsill! Or you put away all the furniture that she can use as a ladder. If the little ones have a bad accident at home, we parents are responsible for it because they cannot take care of themselves yet and they hardly have any insight into the dangers.

In general, it is now important that you make the apartment as child-proof as possible, this requires a bit of effort, but saves you a lot of unnecessary "no!" and a lot of stress - and the child some danger. I have secured for my children: the stove, cupboards with medicines and cleaning products, cupboards with expensive dishes, the stereo system (buttons partly taped off), the stairs, the sockets, the large flower pots on the floor (so that the earth is not clubbed out) can). I also cleared everything that was fragile from the shelves up to a height of 1 m.

This exhausting phase will pass again, huh?



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Re: My 18 month old daughter is practically fearless

answer fromoeli_bene on June 10th, 2009, 4:50 pm

I also have a copy. I found him standing in the (empty) bathtub when I was 12 months old. I don't know how he got in there. I thought after he broke his jaw at the age of 4 and got the second incisor out, it would be better. But not really. (That was probably not what you wanted to hear.) He's still a fidget who keeps jumping instead of walking. We have now forbidden him to run in the apartment to keep the damage within limits.

Now with 5 1/2 it's a little better. Although he lay down well last weekend when he turned to me at full gallop and stumbled over a bollard ...

As a consolation, they can take a lot ...

p.s. I have two others who don't do it to the same extent.

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