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Movie News: Do Cell Phones Make Better Movies?

New in the cinema: "Happy when in doubt" and "Ready Player One"

"Happy when in doubt" (Start: March 29, 2018) - Who determines that one is successful or at least unsuccessful in life? Is there a universally recognizable standard for this? Brad (Ben Stiller) asks himself exactly such questions as he does with his son (Austin Abrams) attended college after college on the east coast of America to find the right one. He and his family are actually fine - but how great is that compared to his college friends who have become either Hollywood stars, bestselling authors, or great entrepreneurs or hedge fund managers?

Brad loses himself more and more in self-doubt. What he does not notice: The best is right before his eyes. Firstly, his son loves him idolatrously, and secondly, he gets positive feedback from every college. So he will soon be spoiled for choice. A small, but detailed filmthat makes it clear that it only depends on the right people in our life. Not on money, fame and fans.

"Ready Player One" (Start: April 5th, 2018) - In the year 2045 most people will no longer live on the previously known earth. Much of everyday life takes place in a virtual world called OASIS instead of. Also the 18 year old Wade (Tye Sheridan) and his Friends (Olivia Cooke, Lena Waithe) prefer to spend their time there. Your goal: to be the first to master the challenges there and thus gain fame and fortune.

Steven Spielberg shows with his Sci-Fi action filmthat it is still right up with the times. He uses the latest film technology to create impressive VR worlds. His car races, epochal battles and beautiful dance interludes all look like they have never been seen in a movie. Hats off!

Topic of the week: do smartphones make better films?

Everyone knows that we are reluctant to put our smartphones down in everyday life. But that is always better whole films are shot, is something new. The most recent example here is the Horror flick "Unsane" by Steven Soderberghby adding a Wife (Claire Foy) is locked up against her will in a psychiatric facility and believes she is at the mercy of her former stalker. The US director Soderbergh can't get out of raving about the picture quality. He had originally planned to sell the work to a streaming service, but when he saw how solid the images were, he decided on a theatrical release. Because whether you believe it or not: meanwhile has one iPhone actually 4K quality. And that can really be seen.

Also Sean Baker's drama about a transgender sex worker "Tangerine L.A.", was shot with the mobile phone - or rather with the iPhone 5. But what motivates filmmakers to use the small screen rather than the giant camera? It is not only that the cameras of our telephones always take better and higher resolution pictures - the smartphone also allows a whole new closeness to the action. The tiny technology gets into every little corner without the need for a large structure. But also the colors, the slight fluctuations: everything seems unfiltered. Just as if you were just experiencing it yourself. And especially with a horror film, of course, that makes the horror all the more extreme. If in a shot it is not possible to see exactly who is standing in a dark corner of the room, it increases the goose bumps factor. The phone is not just the recording device, it is also a narrative aid, another protagonist.

But there is also a far more practical reason in favor of mobile phone films: You will simply finish faster. The Director of "Searching For Sugar Man", Malik Bendjelloul, worked for tens of years on his documentary about the musician Sixto Rodriguez, who was believed to be dead - at some point he simply ran out of money. Fortunately, however, he always had his smartphone ready and used it for further recordings. What a gift!

Even surrealist Michel Gondry has now got a taste for it. The Frenchman realized that armed with an iPhone alone Short film "Détour" (Stream "Détour" on Shelfd here). Full of visual gadgetsthat are so typical for him, he has one easy with it chaotic family vacation getaway staged. So it's really worth rethinking your own smartphone. Maybe you have the next Christopher Nolan in yourself?

Of course, the compact phone will not replace real film cameras anytime soon. But the new versatility should definitely be celebrated! In addition, filming with the mobile phone enables many to enter the film industry or the immediate implementation of a creative idea.

Record-breaking: What the leaked Amazon numbers say

So far, Amazon has been reluctant to reveal numbers about its streaming service. But now some information about Amazon Prime Video has actually come to light. For example, 1.15 million people are said to have signed up for a Prime subscription to catch the sci-fi series "The Man in the High Castle".

For this purpose, it was evaluated what new customers look at first - as that was probably the reason for their registration. For the company, this value turns out to be the most important key figure for measuring the success of new developments and marketing. In general, the numbers also show how well Amazon is doing and they make it clear why the company is ready to spend a billion dollars on a new "Lord of the Rings" series.

Streaming pearl: "Oh Boy"

"Oh Boy" (available until May 24, 2018 in the One media library) - The late twenties Niko (Tom Schilling) lives like this into the day. He can sometimes be dragged along by his friend to shoot a film, by his father to play golf, by his ex-classmate to have sex and get involved in sensitive discussions with drunk people. But somehow everything always feels like he's straight in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We look forward to it: "Adrift"

"Adrift" (theatrical release: July 12, 2018)Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin make a pretty nice screen couple. But that's not the point! Here action and drama are in the foreground. In "Adrift" the two go out on the Pacific Ocean in a sailing boat and get caught in the process into a really violent storm. The worst thing about it: this story is true. The film will be released in German cinemas in July.

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