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tonies®: fun listening games for the children's room

A dog that sings children's songs, a princess who tells stories or a whale that reveals exciting things about the deep sea - with the Tonies, a fantastic world of audio games opens up for your child. Because this is a new type of audio system that was specially developed for children and provides radio plays by well-known heroes such as Maya the Bee, Raabe Socke or the fireman Sam. The Tonies are characters that are kept in the design of the respective radio plays. These are simply placed on the Toniebox - a small colored cube made of fabric, which at first glance does not necessarily look like a player. And the listening pleasure begins in the children's room - completely uncomplicated and child's play.

How does the Toniebox work?
In order to be able to listen to the exciting adventures, interesting facts and funny songs, your child needs a Toniebox and a Tonie - an audio figure that offers rousing stories, interesting facts or music & a ...

In order to be able to listen to the exciting adventures, interesting facts and funny songs, your child needs a Toniebox and a Tonie - an audio figure that offers exciting stories, interesting facts or music. There is an NFC chip in it. If the Tonie is placed on the Toniebox, the music or the story is activated via the NFC interface and your little darling can listen to it. A WLAN connection is only required when the figure comes into contact with the box in order to download the contents of the Tonie. From then on, the stories, songs and the like can be played without an internet connection. Up to 500 Tonie contents can be stored on the box. To immerse yourself in a different adventure, your child only needs to place another Tonie on the cube-shaped box. Thanks to this easy, intuitive operation, even the smallest ones can use the Toniebox all by themselves without the help of their parents. Basically, the Toniebox has all the functions that devices such as CD players offer: Switching on: To switch on the Toniebox, you or your child only need to press one of the two ears - and it is ready to play back listening adventures. Play radio plays: So that your little darling can listen to his heroes, he only needs to put one of the many Tonies that you can buy from us on the box. Adjusting the volume: The volume can be adjusted using the two ears on the top of the box. Just press it - and the Toniebox will play the radio play quieter or louder. Fast forward and rewind: Does your child want to hear an exciting chapter again or play their favorite song? No problem: with a tap on the side of the box, it can fast-forward and rewind. Interrupt playback: To interrupt the radio play, your little darling only needs to take Tonie off the box - and the story will stop. Battery indicator: Would you like to know whether the device's battery is still full? An LED is attached to the top of the cube. When the battery is full, it lights up green. If it is empty, you can simply place the box on the charging station and charge it as fully as possible. Incidentally, your child can easily use the Toniebox while it is on the charging station. Switching off: You don't need to do anything to switch off the Toniebox. If the story is over or if there is no more Tonie on the box, it switches off automatically after ten minutes.

Stories, songs, knowledge and more: there are these Tonies

Tonies bring the Toniebox to life, are the main component and immediately start telling of their experiences after putting it on. The small radio play figures are available in our online shop with a wide variety of content. From fun facts to fun children's songs to action-packed adventures, there is just something for every child. Well-known heroes like Yakari, the little witch or Benjamin Bl├╝mchen take your darling with them into their magical world. Each of the Tonies has their own story that your child can listen to. In addition, each of the figures is lovingly designed and hand-painted. At the same time, however, it is robust and also suitable for fun away from the Toniebox. You can order both creative and content Tonies in our online shop.