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Mozart Data: Four million dollar investment for US data startup

Data has long been at the heart of tech companies. The collection and data protection are now less of a hurdle for companies than the categorization and use of them. Mozart Data, a startup that emerged from the Y-Combinator in August, offers a remedy and has now been able to announce a four million US dollar seed round. Led by Craft Ventures and Array Ventures with participation from Coelius Capital, Jigsaw VC, Signia VC, Taurus VC and various angel investors.

Mozart Data founder: 20 year old friends

Both Mozart Data founders, Peter Fishman and Dan Silberman, have been linked for over 20 years, have worked for various startups and have already founded a food startup for hot sauces. Your new startup, on the other hand, is highly technical.

As born technologists, they then recognized how companies kept building a data stack. Such a modern data stack is about technologies that allow employees, analysts and departments to quickly use and understand data from many different databases and SaaS tools. There the friends saw potential and decided to found Mozart Data.

Data Stack is like baking a cake

A popular metaphor for the topic of data stack reveals comparisons to baking cakes if you want to get closer to the term and understand it: The individual ingredients for baking contain valuable nutrients, but are not edible. With the right tools, however, the individual ingredients can be turned into an edible cake.

The data transformation

And that's the point. Pieces of data that are lonely and alone somewhere bring "basics". If the data is chased through a data stack, it is transformed into data bits with fact and dimension tables as well as clear field names and types. And can be easily "digested" by different departments of a company.

For example, when data from the sales source is combined with the production system activity, it is possible to find out how customer behavior has changed as the sales quota moved up or down - such an example from Mozart Data. However, if you only see one of the two data parts for yourself, you get a maximum of basic knowledge. Specifically, it is about recognizing what the probabilistic outcome will be before a customer churns or a sale is not completed.

Change business processes

With the tools that define a modern data stack, users can ultimately combine data from several sources and visualize them in such a way that any business processes in a company can change.

“The explosion of SaaS tools means more data is being stored in places like Salesforce, Stripe, Shopify, and application databases. Mozart collects, organizes and orchestrates this data, ”explained the founders on the Y-Combinator page.

Audience: data analysts, data scientists, and marketers

Mozart Data's data service is primarily aimed at technicians who are familiar with SQL. These include data analysts, data scientists and employees in sales and marketing activities. The company, which emerged in the middle of the pandemic, has so far won around a dozen customers and has six employees.