Who is corrupt in Gotham City

More corrupt than "Gotham"? Matt Reeves on "The Batman" prequel series

Last weekend was all about DC. The DC FanDome brought a whole flood of new information, posters, trailers & more with it. Also The Batman was a big topic and there are a few more insights into the from Matt Reeves planned together with Terrence Winter The Batman series.

The series will deal with the history of corruption in Gotham City, as Reeves said, it will look into the world of Gotham police force. It should be examined in more detail what is going on within the Gotham City Police Department and what is happening within the corrupt circles of Gotham. A subject that will also receive a lot of attention in the film.

Reeves further disclosed that the The Batman series would take viewers on a trip to Year One. So while The Batman takes place in Year Two, the series sheds light on the backstory of corruption in Gotham. Reeves also stated that the first time people in Gotham would deal with a masked vigilante was when the series begins.

The filmmaker and series creator describes this story as a struggle for the soul of a city. Events would be viewed from the perspective of corrupt cops. One of those corrupt cops in particular would be the focus of the action and he comes from a family who have worked for the police for generations and it is evident that corruption in Gotham goes back many, many years.

Reeves also promised that it would be specifically for the HBO max-Series would have developed characters who would keep the company of well-known characters from the comics. Overall, the series would allow these characters and the plot to unfold. You could show stories for which there was simply no time in the film.