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Fish fingers: how healthy is the children's classic?

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Fish fingers consist of around 65 percent fish, 35 percent make up the breading.

Fish fingers are the classic among children's dishes: almost every child likes them crispy and with a golden brown breading. Some manufacturers advertise that they offer 100 percent fillet. However, breading makes up around 35 percent of a fish finger. And she has the talent. The breading increases the kilocalorie content of a single stick from 67 per 100 grams to a good 200. Because the golden crumbs consist primarily of deep-fried flour, spices and fat. Fried fish sticks even consist of half breading and are therefore even richer in fat.

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Fish fingers as a source of omega 3 fatty acids

Fish contains marine omega-3 fatty acids. These are unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the heart, eyesight and the brain. However, from the point of view of nutritionist Heike Lemberger, fish fingers are not a good source of omega 3 fat.

From their point of view, it would be better to use a higher-fat fish such as salmon for fish fingers, which mostly contain Alaskan pollock. Because the more fatty a fish is, the more marine omega-3 fatty acids it has. The nutritionist also advises you to take a look at the list of ingredients in the fish fingers. Manufacturers often use sunflower oil, a vegetable oil that contains omega-6 fatty acids. These are an opponent of the omega-3 fatty acids, the healthy effect is virtually inactivated.

Sustainable fish fingers are hard to find

Most suppliers use Alaskan pollock from the Northwest or Northeast Pacific for their fish fingers. The fish is caught with trawls. Most manufacturers advertise that they use fish with the MSC seal for sustainable wild fishing. But that's not enough for environmentalists. Thilo Maack from Greenpeace criticizes the fact that trawling would cause lasting damage to the seabed and that by-catches would be accepted.

Alternatively, the Naturland wild fish seal can be found on some products. But in the opinion of the marine biologist, this is not enough for sustainable fishing either. He advises to generally only eat fish that is stocked and that has been caught with a long line or hook.

Buy organic or conventional?

Organic fish fingers are more expensive than conventionally manufactured products. In a market sample, the cheapest fish fingers from Aldi cost the equivalent of 13 cents, while the organic fish fingers from Landur cost more than three times as much at 41 cents. It is also worth taking a look at the manufacturer's information. As a rule, only the ingredients for the breading come from organic farming, not the fish.

Which fish fingers taste best?

Chef Frank BrĂ¼digam compared different fish fingers for Markt:

  • Eskimo fish sticks from the discounter Aldi for 13 cents / sticks
  • Fish fingers from the market leader Iglo for 23 cents / stick
  • Organic fish fingers from Alnatura for 30 cents / stick
  • Organic fish fingers from Followfish for 40 cents / stick
  • Landur organic fish fingers for 41 cents / stick

His favorites: the fish fingers from Aldi and Iglo. Outwardly, he liked the golden color, in terms of taste the well-salted, but not over-spiced fish.

Oven, pan or deep fryer?

The best way of preparation for the cook is the pan. This is the quickest and makes a crispy breading. However, you should be careful not to get the chopsticks too dark.

Nutritionist Heike Lemberger, on the other hand, recommends the oven, because with this type of preparation no fat has to be added. If you combine the fish fingers with a leaf salad with olive oil vinegar vinaigrette and potatoes, you will have a balanced meal.

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