Food supplements actually help you

Use dietary supplements properly

Who will help me with my decision?

If you are of the opinion that you need a nutritional supplement, it is best to speak to a specialist - a nutritionist: in, your doctor or specialist pharmacist: in with the additional designation nutritional advice. Here you can find tips for a better eating plan and maybe also recommendations for one or more nutrients - and for the correct dosage. Perhaps there is also a recommendation for the dosage form, i.e. tablet / capsule, powder, drinking ampoule or juice. The main thing is that the product is easy to dose. Beware of unqualified "consultants" who primarily want to sell their products (often several).

With certain groups of people such as pregnant women, older people or vegans: inside you know exactly what to look out for. We also have tips for athletes, parents and women who breastfeed.

Where should i shop?

We recommend shopping in the drugstore, supermarket or pharmacy. Ordering on the internet can be problematic unless it is the online shop of a local store. If you want to shop on the Internet, look for seals of approval in online shops or choose an approved mail-order pharmacy.

It is better not to bring any food supplements with you from vacation (especially outside the EU from Asia, USA or Great Britain). Depending on the ingredients and dosage, these could be confiscated as illegal drugs at customs.

Which dosage is the right one?

Since food supplements are only intended to supplement normal nutrition, no large quantities or even products with “high doses” are required. All products must indicate what percentage of the reference amount (NRV) is covered by the recommended daily dose. More than 100% is usually unnecessary. It can even be a little less - after all, you also eat something.

Many products even contain 200 percent or more of the reference quantity. We advise you to follow the maximum quantity recommendations of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in this regard. Products that adhere to these recommendations and are taken according to the manufacturer's instructions are safe for people aged 15 and over.

What else do I have to consider with the product?

  • Read the Package labels exactly through. There may be warnings, age or person restrictions there.
  • Follow the dosage indicated on the packaging exactly. Taking less is just as easy as forgetting to take it or just adding it every other day.
  • Should you several dietary supplements or also take foods fortified with vitamins or minerals (e.g. iron, magnesium) (e.g. drinks), make sure that these do not contain the same nutrients. Otherwise it can lead to high intake quantities.
  • you take Medication? Attention, there are possible interactions! Talk to your doctor or pharmacist beforehand.
  • Do not let advertising promises mislead you into abandoning or postponing medically prescribed therapies without first talking to your doctor about it.
  • More information about Labeling regulations for nutritional supplements can be found here.

When should I take the dietary supplement?

Food supplements are best taken in the middle of a normal meal. For some nutrients, such as magnesium, it makes sense to distribute them over several meals for better tolerance. Remember to swallow tablets or capsules with enough liquid. Pay attention to the instructions on the packaging.