Does London need more knife control?

Körting welcomes the amendment to the gun law

The Senate Department for Home Affairs and Sport announces:

Interior Senator Dr. Ehrhart Körting welcomes today's decision by the Bundestag, which essentially takes up his Federal Council initiative and bans the use of so-called one-hand knives. The regulation made by the Bundestag will help to counter youth violence in the city in particular. Carrying out so-called one-hand fairs is only permitted in future if people carry it with them for professional or generally recognized purposes. Such a knife has no place at the moment on the belt of a young person or adolescent in the streets of Berlin. It is used by young and adolescent offenders with their macho behavior as a threatening gesture or worse. The new regulation enables the police forces of the federal states, once the law has passed the Federal Council, to confiscate such knives and initiate additional administrative offense proceedings during controls that are already taking place.

The aim of the new regulation is not to carry out comprehensive knife checks on innocent citizens, but rather to have a handle to retract the knives and initiate proceedings against those involved in the case of priority missions that are already taking place. In this respect, Interior Senator Dr. Körting of the ban on one-hand knives and the legal ban associated with it, in the medium term pushing back the use of knives in the city. “Of course, legal bans are not a panacea, but they do contribute to a shift in awareness. Berlin has finally prevailed with its demand, and the new law goes much further than the original gun law approach of only imposing bans on individual streets and squares. Once the new regulation has passed the Federal Council, you will hardly need that anymore. "

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