How can a beginner start fishing

How do I catch my first pike?

The answer to this question is: with a weirdo!

The best bait for the pike

When the fishing exam is passed, it becomes very critical for most budding anglers. Because far too often the beginners do not have the necessary experience and patience to consistently earn a catch. Now you need a sense of achievement relatively quickly in order not to fall into a sadness as a permanent tailor and to curse the fishing.

Abu Garcia Spinner 10g

Spinners are perfect baits for beginners. Due to their construction, they emit very strong pressure waves when guided and are therefore easy to localize for all predatory fish. Due to their spinner blade rotating around their own axis, they move evenly and very slowly through the water compared to other baits. This allows the robbers to catch up with them quickly and not miss them when attacking.

How and when is the best way to fish with a spinner?

Most spinners are light in weight and designed for surface water fishing. There are, however, leaded models that can weigh up to 40 grams and are able to shake a predatory fish awake even in 10 meters deep water. In addition, the spinners differ in sizes. As a beginner, it is best to use a medium model, e.g. a Mepps in size 3. A suitable rod that can cast light bait well is of course a requirement here. The following figure shows the structure of a typical spinner assembly.

Spinner assembly

A spinner is best caught in warm seasons, when the likelihood of a beetle or moth falling into the water and flapping its wings (which is what a spinner is supposed to imitate) is relatively high. You can fish successfully with this bait continuously between April and October.

Male or female?

Female pikes grow considerably larger than males. In the case of fish caught, the larger the size, the female can be assumed. You can find out how big pike can get here.

Pike, asp, perch, pikeperch ...

Pike is the target fish par excellence when fishing with spinners, because this predator attacks not only out of hunger but also out of sheer aggression. A caught spinner is not only a delicacy for every adult pike but also a provocation for every youngster, so that one's own territory must be defended immediately against intruders. The pressure waves that a spinner sends out are hard for an Esox to ignore.

Asp caught on Mepps Spinner

In addition to the pike, asp, perch and even pikeperch at dusk occasionally climb onto a spinner. A juicy, humming moth is a delicacy underwater and should not be spurned. In addition, spinners in trout waters have been a means to an end since their invention.

Catch probability

Spinners are baits that have been working for decades without complex guidance technology. Hauling in evenly - by keeping the line under tension and recognizing every bite immediately - it couldn't be easier.


So if you take 3 days to fish and consequently throw at the host spots with a spinner, the probability of catching is really very high. Nevertheless, it can happen that you don't get anything on the hook with a spinner for three days in a row - e.g. if the weather suddenly changes and all fish stop eating. You just have to wait and see.

Overall, the probability of a catch with the spinner in warm seasons is much higher than with other baits, which require filigree and often complicated fishing techniques and thus make a catch difficult for beginners.

If you want to learn more about pike fishing, we recommend the book by Hartmuth Geck: Pike fever *.