How can I get an app thumbnail

Change an app's thumbnail

You can swap an app's default thumbnail for a different thumbnail to make it easier to differentiate between apps on the hub. You can use one of the standard pictures or your own picture.

Follow these steps:

  1. In the app overview, click in the details area of ​​the app .
  2. On the default thumbnail, click .

    The media library opens.

  3. Click a folder in the media library, e.g. B. In app or standard.
  4. Select the picture you want to use as a thumbnail for the app and click Insert.
  5. click on to finish editing.

The image you selected is now used as a thumbnail for the app.

Tip: The optimal aspect ratio of a thumbnail is 8: 5 (width: height).

The following formats are supported:.,.,. and ..

When using Qlik Sense: You can upload pictures to the In App folder in the media library. You need to use Qlik Management Console to upload images to the default folder.

If you are using Qlik Sense Desktop: You can place pictures in the following folder on your computer:. Images are available in the default folder in the media library. When an app is moved between installations, the images used in the app are saved in the qvf file along with the app. When you open the app in a new location, the pictures are in the In App folder in the media library for the app.

Note: You can only change the thumbnail of apps that have not yet been published.