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Define units and unit functions

You can define your own units or unit functions for use in your worksheet.

Custom units

You define units in the same way as variables. Apply the unit label to the unit name to ensure that PTC Mathcad can test the units:


Without unit labeling

With unit labeling

Define a unit.

Evaluate the unit. The result is returned in the worksheet's system of units.

Replace the unit in the result with the unit defined above. PTC Mathcad only recognizes labeled units.

Unit functions

You can use unit functions to assign a quantity to a value or to scale the value. The predefined temperature units ° C and ° F are examples of unit functions as they cannot be multiplied. The base unit of temperature is Kelvin, and to convert Kelvin to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, a constant term must be added. You can define your own unit functions, e.g. decibel:

You must not add the function argument (x) when using a unit function:

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