Is it fun to work at a bank

Bank clerk: requirements, tasks and salary

Checklist: Is the job of a banker something for me?

  • interested in numbers, constant contact with People and varied tasks do not represent challenges for you, but rather motivators.
  • The Topics of money and finance Don't let go of you even in your free time.
  • You are an analyst and a talent for communication that Balance between numbers and people is not a problem for you.
  • You never let yourself be disturbed and you always keep a cool head.
  • You have Always an open ear for your customers and stand by their side in an advisory capacity.
  • You have personal, social, technical and organizational skills.
  • Reliability, honesty, punctuality, criticism and appropriate manners are for you no foreign words.

Requirements and course of the training

Do you love numbers and the topic of finance does not let you go in your free time? Then the profession of bank clerk is just right for you. The bank clerk is a Nationally recognized training occupation and deals with all business areas of credit institutions. Everything is included, from processing orders to advising customers on financial products. A secondary school leaving certificate (Realschule) is recommended as a prerequisite for training as a bank clerk. The training takes two to three years, but can also be shortened prematurely if you have particularly good grades or if you have a professional or educational background. The typical course of an apprenticeship is also given here: You spend part of your time in the professional school, where you learn everything you need to know about the lending business, IT, customer contact, etc. The other part of your time will be spent in business used to gain enough practical experience. From the middle of the second year of training you will take your first intermediate examination, at the end of the third year of training the final exam is on the program.

The fields of activity in training are quite diverse: Bank clerks are available to advise the customer on all important questions, e.g. on the topic of money matters. You will answer all questions on the topics of your own account, financing, credit, building society contracts and old-age provision. The execution of customer orders, the preparation of financial concepts and the handling of international business are also on your daily program. The locations vary depending on your activity. You can advise customers directly at the counter of a bank branch or stand by customers in consultation rooms or offices.

Starting your career after your apprenticeship

After this successful completion of your training it is common for you to be taken on by your apprentice bank. So you are guaranteed a job after your apprenticeship and you don't have to worry about it. However, you can also apply to another bank where you primarily have yours Soft skills should highlight. Reliability, trustworthiness, courteous work and behavior are very important here. After completing your training, you can work in all areas of a bank, because you got to know many different areas during your apprenticeship and got enough practical experience. Through a specialization during your apprenticeship you are already paving your professional path for the future. As a banker, you also have the opportunity to start your career in the field Insurance and financial services to dare to go straight to a degree or to become self-employed.

Application as a bank clerk

Before starting your apprenticeship as a bank clerk, you must first of all the application. In addition to the application deadline and formal aspects, there are also a few content focus to be observed for the profession of bank clerk.

Don't take any risks when applying!

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Application for an apprenticeship

An important area of ​​training to become a bank clerk is Advice on various financial products. So for the job it is important that you are confident in Dealing with numbers are. You should definitely include this in your application. Likewise, he also plays Customer contact a major role. So make it clear in your application why you enjoy working with customers and what your strengths are.

Application for a permanent position

If you apply for a job after completing your apprenticeship, you will already have a lot more experience in your professional life than when you applied for the apprenticeship. This should also be reflected in your application. Therefore bring Experience from your training a. Which financial products are you particularly interested in? Which area of ​​work did you enjoy a lot? Show that you have already gained some experience as a banker and that you are an asset to your future employer.

Everyday work and salary

In a bank you mainly work full-time, here you often orientate yourself on the opening times of the branch. Appointments are also possible outside of the opening times, after all, the customer is king. TheDress code in a bank it is more formal, especially when talking to customers the first, professional impression counts. Uniform work clothing is also common, but this can be deducted from tax. Of course that is too salary not unimportant when choosing a profession. In banking, collective agreements are usually common. Training allowances can vary, of course this also depends on the individual employers. In private as well as in public banks As a bank clerk, you usually earn between 800 and 1100 euros gross per month. The Starting salary after the training is between 2200 and 2500 euros per month, but this also depends on your tariff group and your areas of responsibility. Promotion opportunities are also given here. The longer you are in a company, the more regular salary increases and career jumps are possible. Further training measures offer you further opportunities for advancement.

Further training opportunities in addition to the job

There is a wide range of options here: numerous Qualifications and training options enable you to pursue various career paths. Especially in banking is the Career path from trainee to branch manager is by no means atypical. For example, further training to become a (banking) specialist can increase your annual income to 30,000-40,000 euros. Adaptation training help to keep professional knowledge up-to-date and to adapt it to new developments (e.g. in the areas of banking and financial services, finance and accounting, banking law, insurance). Advancement training offer you the opportunity to advance professionally and to reach management positions (e.g. through the examination as a banking specialist or specialist in financial consulting). Also the Trend towards digital banking (digital banking products and digital services) is currently an important training topic for bankers. The use of artificial intelligence offers great potential for further training. An additional (dual study opens up further professional and career opportunities (e.g. through a bachelor's degree in banking, financial services or finance, Business Mathematics).

Already knew? Benefits as a bank clerk

Banking offers you many advantages: In addition to ensuring that you can start your career after completing your training, you can also benefit from a company-regulated pension scheme, a free account and an employee savings allowance (State-granted cash allowance to promote wealth creation) benefit. A 13th and 14th salary (vacation and Christmas bonus) is also not uncommon!