Has anyone made a Stack Overflow clone

How would the software industry react if the stack overflow were no longer available? [closed]

I have to program something for my job. I am a member of StackOverflow and I use it a lot to solve certain problems.

Extent of impact

However, I turn to StackOverflow when, in general, I already know how to solve a particular problem, but have trouble implementing that solution. Based on my personal experience, I would estimate no more than 10 to 20% less efficiency for the tasks that I would turn to StackOverflow to solve.

Since this is a minority of the problems I face every day, I wouldn't expect the impact to be this big.

Preservation of lost information

IMO, the value of StackOverflow relative to other web resources is the specificity it can access. I can always find general instructions on how to make different bits of code. However, if I'm trying to do something very specific and get unexpected output (usually errors) I can reach out to StackOverflow to see if anyone else tried to do exactly what I am doing and how they did the Has overcome error messages.

The other benefit is that I can always ask the group the question if I can't find what I'm looking for.

I say the information on this is already on other websites. However, some of the specifics aren't.

Cost of creating a StackOverflow replacement

Unknown. I don't know how much StackOverflow cost to build. I imagine a replacement would simply cost the hardware and manpower to build and occupy the place.

The content comes from the subscribers.

Any advantages?

There are no advantages. I imagine that a "new" stack overflow might have better organization or search tools, but that is by no means certain. I would expect that the probability that the replacement position is better is at most the same as the probability that the replacement position is worse.

And you'd still have to accumulate the content.


Clones already exist so we don't need a restore step there.

Tobia Tesan

@ PyRulez but do they have Jon Skeet clones in there?