What should I wear to a university?

Dress code in studies

Tips on the right clothing for your studies

First of all, two things: the university is not about fashion, the The lecture hall is not a catwalk. Therefore, students shouldn't think too much about their outfit, but concentrate on learning. And secondly, clothing during studies is also an expression of individual identity and the current form of the day. There is a wide range of fashionable tastes, and the student body is colorful. There is nothing wrong with this diversity. We also have a few clothes tips:

1st tip: Pay attention to comfort. Your outfit should definitely be comfortable so that you can concentrate and not be distracted by pinching clothes.

2nd tip: Follow the onion principle. Because everyday university life is often spontaneous, it is worthwhile to use the so-called onion principle for clothing during studies. Means: Like the layers of an onion, some layers of clothing are worn one on top of the other. So you are dressed appropriately even on long days and in all weathers.

3rd tip: Clothing as a signal generator. Some students can instantly see what they are studying. That's because they adhere to an unwritten dress code. In general, the dress code in the course is not strict. In certain courses, however, it does. Think carefully about whether you clearly want to join a group with your style or not.

4th tip: Stock up on basics in a few colors. The principle behind it: Everything goes with everything. Basics in a reduced color palette take the strain off you in the morning. No matter what you wear of it - it results in a harmonious outfit.

5th tip: Organize swap parties. Clothes are expensive and students are short of money. If you're still in the mood for new clothes or if you want to try a new style of clothing, a clothes swap party is ideal. After all, practically everyone has a few cupboard oaks at home. This is how it works: Invite your friends and fellow students. Everyone brings clothes and accessories that they no longer have a use for. At the party there is a swap and everyone can go home with new clothes. A few drinks relax the mood and make for a lot of laughs.

6. Tip: Dare to experiment. Studying is a much more informal time than working life. Therefore, the period of study is ideal for trying out new fashions and finding your own style. You don't have to dress like before or follow a fixed dress code and you can just experiment.

7th tip: Hardly any no-gos. Irritant, offensive, dirty and stinky clothes are not appropriate in the university, that goes without saying. Otherwise you have almost free hand in choosing clothes.


Do you value clothing in your studies or not? Anyway, it's worth it Topic not to be ignored completely. Because your outfit sends signals to people who could accompany you privately and professionally for a long time.

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