Can flute damage your ears

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Can noise kill?

A long time ago people knew about the special vulnerability of the hearing organ. The Chinese police master Ming-Ti is reported to have passed the following law in the 3rd century BC: "Whoever reviles the Most High should not be hanged, but flute players, drummers and noise makers should play for him without a break until he is sinks to the ground dead. Because that is the most agonizing death a person can suffer. "

In ancient times, the death penalty is said to have been carried out by drumming alone, and noise torture is also known in the Middle Ages: Victims were strapped to a bell that tolled day and night, driving them insane.

Even today, some countries do not shy away from noise torture. In extreme cases, this can be life-threatening. Very high sound levels above around 200 decibels usually lead directly to death.

The actual cause of death is not the destruction of the hearing aid, but the bursting of the alveoli due to the pressure of the sound. However, it rarely happens that noise even reaches a level of 180 decibels.

Even military low-altitude flights only damage the hearing with 125 decibels, a loud bang can reach a value of 140. But you can of course generate very high sound pressure levels artificially.

What does one understand by perfect pitch?

The term "perfect pitch" comes from the world of music and means the ability to determine a tone value without a reference tone (for example from a tuning fork). A person with perfect hearing can recognize any note played on the piano without looking.

People with normal hearing usually misjudge themselves by a few semitones. Absolute listeners can often even name all ten notes of a ten-note. This talent is extremely rare: only one in 10,000 people is capable of it.

Perfect pitch is innate, but tests in Japanese music schools have shown that it can also be trained. Mozart and Beethoven heard absolutely. This is why the phenomenon is sometimes mystified and associated with "child prodigies".

However, perfect pitch does not automatically mean that the person concerned is also musical. You don't need perfect pitch to play an instrument - most musicians can do without them.

How do I clean my ears properly?

There are many ways that you can damage your hearing. Constant sound with loud music is part of it, as is the noise of fireworks or whistles. Earplugs, which are available in different versions, protect against this.

But also the wrong cleaning of the ear can destroy a lot. Basically, ear wax is a normal part of the ear and not dirt. It has a strong antibacterial effect and prevents rashes on the outer ear.

The lard is formed in the external auditory canal and from there it reaches the outside. Cleaning cotton swabs push it back inwards. Frequent "cleaning" of this type forms a wax plug, which under certain circumstances can cause noises in the ears or hearing loss.

It is completely sufficient to remove the wax that has been transported to the outside with a damp towel at the entrance to the ear canal.