How to mix primer with paint

10 tricks to learn from makeup artists

They create the perfect illusion on the catwalk, in front of the camera or on the red carpet: Make-up artists and make-up artists make faces look like they have no make-up, conjure up high cheekbones where there are actually none, or give a pale complexion the ultimate glow. Magic? No, years of work, experience and special tricks that we can now also use at home!

1. Rose water

Before starting with the foundation, make-up artists use rose water. Sprayed on has a soothing effect on redness and irritation and hydrates the face. The result: fresh, radiant skin with a beautiful glow.

2. Mix the concealer

For a flawless look, make-up artists mix the concealer with a moisturizer in a ratio of 1: 3. This makes it creamier, does not settle so quickly in the wrinkles and can be blended perfectly. By the way: in most cases this is also done with foundation. This gives it more glow and can be better incorporated.

3. Natural glow

To give the skin a natural glow, most makeup artists apply the creamy highlighter before foundation. The two textures then blend into a luminous complexion. Alternatively, you can also apply a highlighting base - this can be worn alone or as a primer for the foundation. By the way: The pros handle it with rouge too!

4. Blotting paper

If the skin quickly becomes oily again, make-up artists do without additional powder or foundation - the many layers make the make-up look cakey and irregular over time. Instead, blotting paper is used, which, like blotting paper, only absorbs the oil sheen.

Tip: If you don't have a primer on hand, powder your face with cornstarch before the foundation!

5. Sunkissed look

For a naturally tanned complexion, makeup professionals use a bronzer that is only a shade darker than the natural skin tone. The dark powder is applied in the form of a 3 on both halves of the face - starting with the forehead, then the cheekbones, and finally the chin. The apple cheeks are then accentuated with a rosy blush, because the cheeks tend to blush slightly when they are tanned.

6. The right highlighter

A good highlighter only provides glow, not visible color. That is why the right shade is important for the skin tone. As a rule of thumb: Silvery pink highlighters are suitable for light skin, golden nuances for olive skin and bronze highlighters for dark skin.

7. Nude lips

Nude lips are an ongoing trend and a loyal companion at fashion shows and photo shoots. Instead of a lip liner, many professionals use a light eyebrow pencil, which creates a clearer contour and does not make the lips look too one-dimensional.

8. Voluminous lips

Make-up artists use a simple trick to make lips look like they have been stung by a bee. The mouth is first dabbed with a cosmetic tissue and freed from fat and other residues. Then the lips are outlined slightly beyond the lip contour with a transparent lip gloss. Then the lips are filled with a darker color. The highlight: Over time, the dark color will move into the transparent colors and combine with them. This makes the mouth appear fuller and more sensual.

9. Brown mascara

Black mascara for the upper and lower lashes? No. Black mascara on top, brown mascara on the bottom. The lighter color creates a nice contrast, emphasizes the delicate lower lashes and opens the eye. Black mascara on the lower hairs can quickly pull the eye downwards.

10. Mix the eyebrow color

Natural eyebrows are not always the same color. For this reason, make-up artists either use two colors for coloring or vary the intensity: At the beginning and at the end, the eyebrows are lighter, and in the middle under the brow arch they are darkest. This is how you can avoid boxy and unnatural eyebrows!

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