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Little Richard is considered one of the pioneers of rock'n'roll and mixed up the music world from the mid-50s. The man was or is a role model for world stars such as Elvis Presley, Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Paul McCartney and Freddie Mercury. Richard Wayne Pennieman aka Little Richard didn't have it easy back then, in the mid-50s. Instead of landing big hits, the young, black and somewhat freaky musician had to toil as a dishwasher in the snack bar at the local bus station. The dishes piled up before his eyes. In an interview with the music magazine "Rolling Stone" he later said: "The boss brought me more and more work. One day I thought to myself: 'You have to do something to make this man stop putting all this stuff in the kitchen to do the dishes put.' And I said: "Awap bop a lup bob a wop bam boom - bring it out!" And that's how "Tutti Frutti" was born in this kitchen.

A high-pitched fear of the citizens

Shortly thereafter, on September 14, 1955, Little Richard recorded the song in a recording studio. The record producer Bumps Blackwell who was present was enthusiastic: It was wild rock'n'roll, as the world had never heard it before. But there was a catch. While "Tutti Frutti" was just the name of an ice cream and the core phrase "Awap bop a lup bob a wop bam boom" was completely harmless because it made no sense, the rest of the text was clearly ambiguous. It was about girls who had "extraordinary skills" in matters of love. No radio station in the world would have played this lewd song. So Bumps Blackwell hired a lyricist as a chaperone who defused the verse a little. But Little Richard was not entirely without it either. In America in the 1950s, he was considered a public horror in America in the 1950s, with his make-up and hair up and lots of diamonds on his fingers. Nevertheless, "Tutti Frutti" was a hit and gave Little Richard the long-awaited breakthrough.

"I thank God for 'Tutti Frutti'"

Many other stars also sang this song, Elvis Presley and the good Pat Boone were even more successful than the shrill Little Richard. And he said in 1999: "The best that could have happened to me was 'Tutti Frutti'". It took me out of the kitchen, where I was doing dishes twelve hours a day for $ 10 a week. Thank God for 'Tutti Frutti'. "For three years Little Richard celebrated one success after another, with hits like" Lucille "and" Good Golly, Miss Molly ". Then he became a priest. But he kept coming back on stage back, and continues to be revered as one of the fathers of rock and roll by music fans around the world.

The story was a hit

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