Why did you leave the college?


Four teachers leave the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule

With the beginning of the summer vacation four teachers left the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule. Headmaster Gerhard Gleis said goodbye to Christina Petra, David Stehling, Maurice Pinkert and Godehard Goralewski in a ceremony on the last day of school.

At her own request, Christina Petry was transferred to the Biebertalschule in Hofbieber after the end of parental leave, as she moved the center of her family from originally Biebergemünd to the Fulda district. Ms. Petry had worked at the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule for over eight years and was responsible for setting up and supervising the industrial studies department. She was responsible for looking after and managing the school kitchen. The school management and staff perceived Christina Petra as a teacher who planned and carried out her lessons calmly, intensively and effectively. Their accepting teacher behavior created a relationship of trust with their learning groups, which decisively supported the development of the students.

Teacher David Stehling, who has been teaching English and Latin at the school for five years, will also be transferred to the Johannes Kepler School in Neuhof in the Fulda district at his request. At the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule, Stehling not only chaired the specialist Latin conference, but also distinguished himself through many initiatives that made the subject of Latin more interesting for schoolchildren. He and his colleague Lisa Kadach established study trips to Trier, Xanten, Aschaffenburg, Cologne and Mainz, which are offered annually to Latin students. His ideas to present the Latin faculty on the trial day for the primary schools were motivating and impressive at the same time. Through his work in the school's LUSD team, David Stehling made a decisive contribution to the fact that the school administration could be converted to automated processes in many areas, which relieved the staff.

Senior teacher Maurice Pinkert, the head of the grammar school branch, is moving to the Grimmelshausen grammar school in Gelnhausen at the beginning of the new school year after 19 years of work at the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule. Director Gerhard Gleis regretted the change of his colleague from the school management, but understands that Maurice Pinkert would like to teach permanently in the upper school as well. For example, he and Pinkert had campaigned for an upper level at the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule for many years, produced an unmanageable number of reports and statistics as evidence of the legitimate desire of the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule for an upper level, had discussions Committee decisions brought about, but ultimately the school failed with the desire to change the school organization due to local political agreements, the aim of which was to maintain the status quo. "The school owes you a lot," emphasized Gleis. “You have not only made our school newspaper a big name in the region, but also made sure that it is well known in the state of Hesse. Your appreciative way of dealing with students, staff and parents has set standards in school that will surely outlast your departure. For you, the focus was always on the students. You wanted to help, support you. That was and is our two educational imperative. I will not only miss a colleague with whom I have worked in a particularly trusting manner and with whom I was able to exchange ideas. Our school band has also lost a singer who presented the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule in professional quality. "

After 42 years at the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule and three years of extension of the regular service period, a legend and a gentleman, as the chairman of the staff council Mario Wagner emphasized, is finally leaving the educational stage. During his long career, teacher Godehard Goralewski taught many students in German, history, geography and politics and economics at the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule. “You left traces here at school that will make you unforgettable. Your reliability, your professional standards, your student affinity, your loyalty and your adherence to principles, which have never been narrow-minded, have distinguished you and motivated your students to work, "the headmaster and staff council praised the work of the new retiree. Godehard Goralewski did not demand anything from others that he was not ready to give himself, emphasized the spokesman for the German department, Matthias Hecht-Domes. “Your credibility and your concern to bring current politics to your study groups will always remain associated with your name. Students you taught learned something for life and were fully prepared for the upper school, which is confirmed again and again, ”stated Gerhard Gleis. His reliability was also visible outside of the classroom. The pensioner, who originally came from Castrop-Rauxel and is a volunteer city councilor in Bad-Soden-Salmünster, has chaired the specialist conference on social studies for many years and has been responsible for the administration of books from the freedom of learning materials of the Friedrich- August Genth School was responsible and responsible. “The school thanks you for your willingness to step in at short notice if there was an emergency because colleagues could not take a booked class trip due to illness. Even if you did not know the class, you made yourself available immediately and thereby provided exemplary support to the school management. We are indebted to you for this. ”The appreciation of the staff was also expressed through a song that the teachers' choir, which was set up especially for this purpose, played for the colleague.

The staff and the school management wished all colleagues and Ms. Petry, combined with the thanks for the work at the Friedrich-August-Genth-Schule, every success and the best of health for the new phase of life.

(on the picture from left to right: David Stehling, Christina Petry, Godehard Goralewski and Maurice Pinkert)