What are smoking laws in California

As a smoker in the USA - you should consider that

26 percent of the German population regularly use the glow stick. As a smoker you don't want to go without your cigarettes even on vacation. However, the laws in this regard are not exactly the same in every country as they are in this country. In this article, you will find out what to expect as a smoker when traveling to the United States of America.

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Nationwide smoking ban in public | Practical alternative: the e-cigarette | Use of marijuana / cannabis

Smoking has long been banned at airports and on the aircraft itself. This applies to us in Germany as well as in most other countries in the world. America is no exception. If you have to cover the long flight, you can make do with nicotine patches.

Nationwide smoking ban in public

As in Germany, smoking is prohibited in bars and restaurants in most US states. In addition, there is a ban on public places and buildings as well as on all beaches, in parks and in the vicinity of playgrounds and schools.

Many hotels even have their visitors sign a non-smoking obligation upon arrival and threaten high fines if they smoke in their rooms without permission.

Practical alternative: the e-cigarette

More and more smokers have switched to vaping since the introduction of the electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco, but rather vaporize a liquid, the so-called liquids. However, this type of smoking is not permitted on the plane either. You can read about the regulations for carrying in hand luggage in the Mr. Smoke magazine. One of the leading e-cigarette retailers provides news and interesting facts on the subject of e-cigarettes and vaping on its website. In the shop you will also find a large selection of different liquids and e-cigarette manufacturers.

Unlike in Germany, the electric glow stick is banned in many American states, just like the normal cigarette. In New York City, smoking is even completely banned - whether conventional or electronic cigarettes. The legislation is very opaque on this point as there are government regulations regarding sales, use and advertising. In addition, each state can have its own regulations for the use of e-cigarettes. So you see, when it comes to smoking, the land of opportunity is not quite as liberal.

In this article you will find out in which countries at least vaping the e-cigarette is not a problem.

Use of marijuana / cannabis

Smoking a joint in public is strictly prohibited in the United States. Although there is a nationwide ban on cannabis, the individual states also pass their own laws here. Generally speaking, however, marijuana is an approved medicinal product in 20 states. In Colorado and Washington, cultivation, trade and consumption have only been legal from the age of 21 since last year. In addition, there is a limit to the amount that can be bought. Caution is then required at the border crossing, because the export of marijuana is strictly forbidden and is severely condemned.