Who uses drizzle in production

Neustadt whisper

The drizzle, which kept dripping from the sky all day long, could not do much to the slope that was heaped up during the night. It lies there, white and smooth. The first competitions should take place from tomorrow.

The sprint events take place on Friday, followed by the actual Ski World Cup on Saturday and Sunday.

Since yesterday evening the snow has been transported from the airport with heavy trucks. Around 30 cubic meters of compressed snow fit in one load. Two snow groomers are used to push the snow wide for the 650-meter-long slope. A total of around 4,500 cubic meters will be distributed.

The artificial snow is made in a hangar at Dresden Airport, for which water is collected in a rain catch basin. According to the organizers, no chemical additives are used for production, but Drewag “green electricity” from renewable energy sources.

Nevertheless, there is criticism of the event. It comes from BUND and Instinction Rebellion. Its spokesman Christian Bläul demands: “We have to stop energy-intensive sports as a global community
Leave out the climate perspective until we can generate all of our primary energy needs from renewable sources. ”Alternatively, he suggests holding a Roll-Ski-Cup.

There are still tickets for both days on the weekend. Admission to the sprint spectacle on Friday is free. The actual World Cup can only be watched for free from one of the bridges or the other bank of the Elbe.

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