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Faculty of Mathematics and Economics - about us

Our main research areas

Our main research focus at the interface between mathematics and economics is the area Financial services and their mathematical methodology, which benefits particularly from the close interlinking of mathematics with economics and in which the faculty has been able to develop a great reputation throughout Germany in the last few decades: In a research ranking by the German Economic Review, we are in second place among all German-speaking universities in the area of ​​financing Room; In the insurance sector, we have received 16 research awards over the past five years.

The research focus Mathematical foundations of science and technology includes in particular State doctoral college "Mathematical Analysis of Evolution, Information and Complexity" and creates interdisciplinary links to computer science, physics and electrical engineering. Research topics such as efficient numerical or stochastic simulation in the areas of flows, strength and structure as well as optimization and data mining are processed in the Ulm Center for Scientific Computing (UZWR), which is also interdisciplinary.

Subject of the third research focus Quantitative Economics are the quantitative bases of economic decisions in profit and non-profit organizations, with research activities in the field of Risk management and building on that the Sustainability research stand in the foreground. In cooperation with medicine and psychology, we investigate modern behavioral issues of economics and management. The subject dossier "Risk Management and Insurance. Analysis-Assessment-Decision."