What are moving services

Moving service - furniture transport and assembly included

The moving company usually acts as the first point of contact for the moving service. Depending on which services are used, the portfolio of the booked moving company is already sufficient and no further providers are required.

A classic moving service is the establishment of a no-parking zone. The moving company itself has an interest in this service in the course of a smooth process and is often active here at cost price. Of course, private individuals can also apply for a parking ban, but professional companies usually know the responsible contact person on site. If you move on your own, you can also commission this moving service from special service providers who only take care of no-parking zones.

Another moving service is additional insurance. Moving companies are certainly always liable for damage that occurs in connection with moving furniture. The legal liability according to the Commercial Code (HGB ยงยง451) is currently "only" at 620 euros per cubic meter of removal goods. Anyone who opts for additional voluntary removals insurance can enjoy even more comprehensive coverage and removals insurance can even be customized.

Finally, a professional moving service can also consist of storing furniture or advising on moving. Most companies adopt the latter via email, telephone, or downloadable checklists.