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Sambo - Russian martial arts consisting of wrestling, judo and jiu jitsu

Sambo is a martial art that developed in the former Soviet Union.

The term Sambo contains the first letters of the words "Samosashchita Bes Orushuija". That means something like: "Self-protection without weapons".

In today's Russia and in many of the former Eastern Bloc countries, sambo is a very common sport.


The making of sambo


This fighting style originated in the Red Army in the 1920s.

The Red Army was looking for a style to improve their hand-to-hand combat training. The goal was effective techniques for combat. They had to be learned as quickly as possible. In addition, they should also be applicable in combat suits and with appropriate equipment. The soldier should be able to incapacitate his opponent as quickly and effectively as possible.

It turned out that such a fighting style did not exist. The techniques had to be gathered from different styles.

The result was a mixture of wrestling, judo and jiu jitsu. For wrestling, folk wrestling from the different republics of the Union was used. Such as Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan or Armenia.

But it was not a martial art of the army. In the following years, this sport also gained more and more fans outside of the military. In the 1930s, this combined wrestling match was officially introduced throughout the USSR. After all, since 1946 the new martial art has been called "Sambo".


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The video (duration 03:55 minutes) shows excerpts from a Sambo training.


History and Techniques - Book: The history and structure of the training are described. The techniques are presented in words and drawings. Typical errors are discussed. Also an improvement in the execution of the techniques: S a m b o ... the powerful Russian martial arts. Book. - view on Amazon


Sporty Sambo Borba


First, the sporty version of the Sambo was developed. It contained many elements from judo. Many throws, hold techniques and leverage were used. There are also techniques for many different grips. Which are not used in judo. But make the sambo particularly effective.

There are two ways to win. On the one hand, the one with the most points wins. On the other hand, the one who makes the opponent give up.

It was also judo that made the new martial arts known beyond the borders of the Soviet Union. The Sambo fighters successfully competed in international judo competitions. That is why there is talk of Russian judo. To date there are no noteworthy schools for judo in Russia.


Combat (buoy) Sambo


Another development is the Combat Sambo. It is similar to modern mixed martial arts.

For this purpose, punches, kicks and techniques for choking can also be used.

The equipment for training has been expanded accordingly. There is also protection for the head, for the teeth and also for the deeper regions. In addition, protection for the shin and instep. Gloves for boxing as well as in free-fight.

With this style there are also techniques. They come from MMA to pankration, boxing, taiboxing, kikboxing to Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu.

There is also Combat Sambo for the military and police. This includes techniques for an arrest. Likewise techniques for close combat with weapons. Again, the most effective techniques are adopted from the most varied of styles.


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The video (duration 03:23 minutes) shows excerpts from the international competition “Saxony Cup 2012”.


The clothing for training


The fighter in Sambo wears special clothing during training and competition.

The combination consists of a tight-fitting jacket (kurtka) and a strap that holds the jacket in place. In addition, the fighter wears shorts and leather shoes.

If, on the other hand, competitions take place in judo, then of course in a judo suit. The mats are walked on barefoot.



The most important techniques are falling, throwing, levering and holding grips.

The fighting style develops firstly strength, secondly endurance and thirdly speed.


For more information on S a m b o (martial arts) - at the free lexicon Wikipedia



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