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Michelin Grip for Salewa running shoes



No trail too stony, no slope too steep, no parquet too slippery: With a Michelin profile on your feet, there is no longer any more slipping, slipping or slipping. Salewa shows its teeth with Michelin and promises the ultimate grip. As a world first. The first running shoe with a Michelin outsole. The French tire professional gives the new Lite Train a mountain bike profile for the feet.

Offroad Energy:

The Lite Train was designed for training in the mountains. Developed in collaboration with Michelin, the shoe creates the ideal balance between performance, grip, durability and low weight.

People all over the world are making increasing efforts to improve their quality of life. You want to combine fitness, body and mind. To do this, they go for a walk, jog, sweat in the fitness center and exercise. Ultimately, they exercise. The mountains are an inspiring place and a perfect training ground. It is not important whether you hike fast, run on stony, technically demanding trails or master intervals of ascent. The goal always remains the same: to improve personal performance and endurance, and in the course of this to become stronger physically and mentally.

Salewa's answer to the demands of a new generation of mountain lovers is Alpine Speed, the latest trend in the outdoor area. In the SS16 collection, Salewa presents the Lite Train: the first shoe specially designed for training in the mountains. Light, aggressive and versatile - with this mixture, the Lite Train aims to improve training activities in the mountains in a targeted manner. Developed in collaboration with Michelin Technical Soles, the shoe creates the perfect balance between performance, grip and lightness. In addition, Salewa's new 3F Total System, which has been extended into the lacing, offers an optimized fit in the metatarsal area.

"Mountain Training is a product concept for active outdoor enthusiasts who want to train for their mountain activities", explains Tobias Roth, Sales & Marketing Manager of the footwear department at Salewa. “The Lite Train offers total grip with minimal weight, so that you can fully concentrate on the training and enjoy the mountain landscape. The project was developed at our footwear R&D location in Montebelluna in collaboration with Michelin. The result is an exclusive combination of high-performance components and outsoles for Salewa, which is precisely tailored to the DNA of the Lite Train and enables perfect grip and full control during mountain training. For us, Michelin is not a supplier but a real partner in the development of a new product series that helps us to take an exciting step forward in the footwear sector. Salewa is the inventor of the Tech Approach category, and we are convinced that mountain training will remain a trend in the years to come. "

The Michelin outsole, which was developed exclusively with Salewa, gives the shoe that special something - the special outdoor rubber compound is inspired by mountain bike tires and combines an aggressively shaped and corrugated sole design with excellent surefootedness, grip and perfect adaptability on soft, uneven ground.

Main features of the Lite Train outsole are:

  • Exclusive sole design based on Michelin tires
  • Sole profile for increased adaptability, grip, grip and control when crossing slopes
  • Large studs for constant grip. Small, reinforced studs for efficient grip on scree fields
  • Longitudinal flex grooves for optimal adaptation to different ground conditions
  • Anti-torsion and arch support
  • Optimal self-cleaning

“The creative process for the new Salewa shoes began with a needs analysis by our partner. That was the starting shot: we examined which technologies of the Michelin tires would deliver the best results and then, in cooperation with our partner, we selected the best rubber compound "- explains Ambrogio Merlo, managing director of the outsole partnership -" The work in the co-design of the both teams created a unique and innovative product. "

The Lite Train will be available in three colors for men and two colors for women. Style-conscious mountaineers look forward to a minimalist design and various graphic patterns for every personal taste.


  • Michelin outsole and rubber compound, exclusive to Salewa
  • 3F Total System
  • Seamless construction
  • Weight: m 245 g; w: 185 g
  • Drop: + 6 mm
  • Upper: Breathable mesh lining
  • Lining: Breathable mesh lining
  • Midsole: Premium EVA
  • Outsole: Michelin Lite Train
  • Rubber compound: Michelin OC-Outdoor
  • Size: Men: 6-12, 13, UK; Women: 3-9 UK
  • Colors (m): Black / Chamomile, Mayan Blue / Papavero, Walnut / Carrot
  • Colors (w): Black / Pinky, Hot Coral / Citro

About Salewa

Salewa stands for 80 years of experience in the vertical and on high alpine expeditions. The mountaineering specialist wants to inspire people all over the world to (experience) the mountains and equips ambitious mountaineers with the right equipment for their alpine activities. When developing innovative, functional quality products, the multi-specialist relies on its proven network of alpine institutions, active mountaineers, specialized partners and professional mountain guide associations.

Founded in Munich in 1935, the headquarters of the family-run company is now located in the heart of the Dolomites, in Bolzano, South Tyrol. With its four product categories apparel, footwear, equipment and technical hardware, the company is one of the leading international providers in the mountain sports sector and employs 550 people worldwide.


JV International is the global strategic partner selected by Michelin for the design, development and manufacture of the high-performance Michelin brand soles. The company is based in Italy and has offices in Como and a design & development center in Verona, while its headquarters are in Hong Kong, China, along with two manufacturing facilities and an R&D center. The Italian office takes care of the entire process, from strategic planning, screening of new technologies, R&D, design development, partner management to marketing and communication activities for Michelin branded products. Thanks to their many years of experience in sole design and the co-design of technical footwear, JV International has created an innovative product development center in Verona.