What is a superfecta in horse racing

The most important rules in horse betting - general & special rules

Generally, the general ones apply Horse betting rules. However, these can be replaced by special regulations. The set of rules primarily refers to the different ones Bet types. We will now analyze these a little more closely with the associated conditions. Before we get into the types of bets, we would like to ask you one more important question that every gamer in the field of Horse racing has already posed, bring it closer.

What happens when two horses win a race?

Basically, this event is called Dead heat. One speaks of a dead race when two or more horses cross the finish line at the same height without any noticeable distance. But how does this affect the Profits out? If there are two winners in a race, it will be Quota paid on the halved stake. It can therefore happen that you get paid less than you invested in the race, even though your tip was actually correct.

Bet types - rules

1. Victory / defeat of a selected horse (Win)

If a horse gives up before it is under the "starters order" or if it is not considered to have started, all bets on this horse will be declared void. If you have placed a win bet on your favorite, it must win the horse race for itself.

    This rating (table) is based on our personal experience with the horse betting providers and merely represents our opinions on the bookmakers.

2. Head to head betting

The horse with the best placement is considered the winner. If the case occurs that the horse falls, stops or throws their rider, the winner is determined on the basis of the horse that is furthest ahead. All bets will be void unless one or both horses surrender before they are under the "Starters Order". The bet is also considered invalid if the starter classifies the horses as not having started.

3. Place bets

The place bet is a very popular horse bet with many horse betting fans. With eight starters, your horse must be among the first three places for you to win your bet. If fewer than eight starters compete against each other, your favorite must be among the first two places.

4. Two-way bet (Exacta)

In a two-way bet, you determine the exact order of the incoming horses. Here you predict the arrival of the first two horses in the race.

5. Three-way bet (Trifecta)

The three-way bet is to be viewed as an extension of the two-way bet. Here you have to determine the exact order of the first three places in the race. If your order is correct, your bet is considered won.

6. Bet of four (Superfecta)

In a four-bet, you determine the exact order of the first four places in the horse race. This is of course subject to a certain degree of difficulty. The bet is remunerated by the online horse betting providers with high betting odds. If your order is correct, you can look forward to huge profits.

7th place twin

In this type of bet, your task is to predict two racehorses that will appear in the top three in any order.

8. Finish bet

The finish bet is a combination bet. You have to determine the winner of each race in three consecutive races. Not an easy task. Betting experts rarely play this form of bet, but the very high betting odds are still tempting.

9. Top 6 bet

To make a profit on a top 6 bet, you need to predict the winner of six races in a day. You can certainly make a hefty profit with this horse bet, but you should take into account that you only have small chances of winning, as the risk is simply calculated very high.

Horse betting in the USA

In addition to the general Horse betting types there are of course still Betting formatsthat focus on the Horse racing in the USA Respectively. Of course, we don't want to withhold the basic betting rules from you.

At Win, Place, Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta they are the same Betting formatsnamed above by us. You have the option of combining the different betting formats with one another. It is you z. B. possible one WinPlace bet complete. Here you play a win bet and a place bet.

The so-called Pick - bets. They involve a high level of risk, but on the other hand they also ensure substantial profits. The smallest pick bet is made by the Pick 3 shown. Here you bet on the winners from three races that follow one another. All Pick bets work according to the same system. You must always be the winner of several consecutive ones horse race determine. In addition to the pick 3 bet, there are also pick 4, pick 5 and pick 6. With pick 6 bets, there are often fixed winnings. This moves in the millions with this bet.