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Create an Infographic: Compare 15 Free Tools

Infographics are a great way to handle complex facts and data easy to represent. This is worth its weight in gold, especially for your content marketing, because graphics loosen up the eye of the beholder and bring variety to long articles. In stark contrast to a text block, which quickly looks overwhelming, with this format you can whet your appetite for the processed information and thus stand out from the competition.

In this post, we will show you what is important when creating an infographic and provide you with the 15 best free tools to do this.

Creating graphics: it's that easy

Creating infographics is an art in itself. Various shapes, colors and options for preparing your data are theoretically conceivable here. However, if you don't have the money or the expertise for expensive ones Image editing software you rarely get beyond plain bar charts in the word processing program.

Fortunately, there are some interesting ones Infographic tools in the network that not only easy to handle, but also free are. But also widespread programs, such as PowerPoint, offer attractive options for creating appealing infographics.

Infographic with PowerPoint: create a diagram in no time

If you're in a hurry and need to create info graphic for your next presentation, you may not have enough time to dig deeper into various online tools. Quick remedy can be found at this point PowerPoint create: You can, for example, adapt a PowerPoint presentation by optimizing the dimensions in the page settings so that it can be converted into an infographic. The finished document can also be saved as a JPG or PNG file. If that is too complicated for you, you can also simply Infographic templates use for PowerPoint.

Infographic tools: the 15 best providers in comparison

If you work a lot with infographics and want to create them at regular intervals, however, it can also be worthwhile to use a professional provider. In the following we present to you 15 free online tools for infographics, that convince us.

1. has set itself the task of creating colorful and clear graphics for online marketing as simple as possible to design. After registering for free, you can choose from over 30 diagram types, which you can customize with just a few clicks. This includes classic graphics such as bar charts, course displays and descriptive maps or point clouds. The service allows the import of data in many common file formats such as XLS or CSV. After the editing process, your freshly created infographics can be embedded online.

When you are ready for that Infographic tool Paying a monthly fee, you have the option of accessing various expansion packs such as the Pro, Business or Team version. In addition to the features already mentioned, these allow you, among other things, a real-time update of statistical data, more detailed maps and the export of graphics as PNG or PDF.

Particularly interesting for companies: In the business version, you can also use graphics with your company logo brand to pay for your recognition value. The paid subscription models start at $ 19 per month.

Templates at Info.gram

2. Visme

Also withVisme you can create infographics in no time at all. The service works similarly to, but here you can not only create infographics, but also have Templates for presentations, advertising banners and product demonstrations at hand. Thanks to this large variety of professional templates, there is something here for almost every purpose.

Then personalize your graphic with a very wide selection of simple icons, fonts or freely accessible images from the Flickr service. At Visme you can choose from over 50 different diagrams, graphic formats and maps to design your infographic in the best possible way.

In the free version you can use this tool to create up to three projects with a maximum of 100 MB and download them as JPG - but you have to live with the fact that the Visme logo is emblazoned on each of your projects. Freedom of advertising as well as significantly more simultaneous projects, storage space and the option of downloading the project as a PDF are also available from Visme for a monthly fee. Prices start at $ 15 a month.

Visme infographic templates

3. Canva

Canva promises no more and no less on its homepage than the "Design for everyone ". The free online service is more than just an infographic tool, but it is still great for content marketing. It focuses primarily on classic communication design, for example for book covers, photo collages, brochures, posters or flyers.

For your marketing, however, the "Social Graphics " Interesting: Here the selection of templates already shows an impressive and visually extremely successful variety of options for graphically sophisticated Facebook posts or cover pictures - all of them very modern and classy. After signing up for free, you'll get access to more than a million images and hundreds of fonts.

For a monthly fee, you can choose between the pro version and the corporate edition. Advantages of the version for companies are, for example, unlimited storage space and the control of uploads in the team.

The Pro version, on the other hand, includes 100 GB of cloud storage and over 420,000 new templates with changing designs. The prices are very different at this point: The Pro version costs 11.99 euros per month for up to five people, for example. The rule is: the more people want to use the version, the more you have to pay.

Canva infographic templates

4. Piktochart

Piktochart is especially suitable for you if you without much training want to quickly create a simple infographic. Immediately after logging in, the infographic tool shows you in a short tour what is possible with it. Then you can start right away.

Piktochart is very minimalistic and without many additional functions, so it is particularly suitable as a "Quick & Dirty" method. Under no circumstances do the infographics, reports or banners created with it look bad - the style of the graphics is simple, but still looks extremely professional.

Templates for infographics by Piktochart

5. ChartBlocks

The ChartBlocks infographic tool is particularly good at creating Charts designed. After you have logged in or registered with ChartBlocks, you can select a few templates for editing your graphics - ChartBlocks does not shine here with an unbelievably large variety of templates, but you don’t spend too long on design proposals. You can upload data, insert a new data record by copying it or import an existing file.

The free version of ChartBlocks contains more than 50 charts that you can use to create your infographic. You can also convert graphics to PNG images.

The professional version scores with more than 75 available charts and costs you just under 17 euros per month. In addition, you can add additional users to this variant. The elite edition, which is available for 55 euros per month, on the other hand, offers you up to 200 charts that you can use as required.

Image: chart blocks

6. Venngage

Venngage is a great tool for anyone who has something to do with creating infographics more creative want to work. In addition to countless templates for graphics, the software also offers various templates that show the user a wide range of applications.

The possibilities range from the creation of brochures, e-books and posters to the visualization of social media content. One factor that sets Venngage apart from other tools and providers is that flexibility of the program: If you work with Google Drive, you can, for example, copy your required data sets or insert them directly into the required template using drag & drop.

You can use Venngage as a free tool. However, if you want to work with additional options such as a larger number of templates or more export options, you can choose between several paid versions.

Image: Venngage

7. Adobe Spark

Adobe's online tool, Adobe Spark, not only has a large number of templates for infographics, brochures, banners and flyers, but also impresses overall with one high design standard. With Spark, you can not only use your social media channels extensively, but the program lets you do it too short video clips rotate, edit and insert into existing files.

However, the tool is not only intended for advanced users, but can also be used by editors without prior knowledge.

Another advantage that Spark offers: You can use the program not only from your home PC, but also on the go on your smartphone work with Spark. Adobe offers various apps for this purpose, such as Spark Post and Spark Video, which you can download from the Apple Store and sometimes also from Google Play.

You can use Spark free of charge with the starter subscription, but you only have limited access to the templates. If that's not enough for you, you can switch to the single-user version for a monthly payment of just under 12 euros.

At the moment you can even try this version for free for a month. You can use the team version of Spark for just under 24 euros a month.

Image: Adobe Spark

8. Snappa

Snappa can also serve as a helpful tool for creating infographics. Snappa offers ready-made infographic templatesthat users can fill in themselves in just a few steps. The templates are characterized by their modern and trendy design, but due to the specified default settings, they offer little scope for individual adaptation.

You shouldn't expect complex representations and diagrams here - but a particularly beautiful design.

You can use Snappa free of charge in the starter version. The Pro version has extras such as an unlimited download volume and custom font uploads ready for you.

This version is already available for $ 10 a month. In contrast to the Pro version, the team version of Snappa can be used by five users at the same time. You pay $ 20 a month for this extra feature.

Image: Snappa


The infographic tool can definitely keep up with the programs already presented. Users who want to give their infographic a creative touch are guaranteed to find what they are looking for at The tool scores with over 100 professionally designed infographic templatesthat users can customize with various icons and media elements. You then have the option of sharing the created graphic directly on your social media channels or forwarding it as an e-mail.

One disadvantage of the platform: As a user, you cannot import CSV files. Accordingly, is mainly recommended as a tool that focuses on both image editing and processing.

You can register for free at In addition to the free service, the software also offers you paid versions with an extended range of services: The business version scores, for example, with the fact that you can work with business partners in real time and download your files as PDF, JPEG and PNG. The prices are kept within limits: The business subscription costs you only 5 US dollars per month.


10. Mind the graph

Mind the Graph sets its Focus on science: "Design for Science" is what it says on the provider's website. The tool is particularly good at creating content that can be assigned to the scientific spectrum or related industries (such as medicine or pharmaceuticals). In addition to infographics, Mind the Graph can also be used to produce posters and presentations to round off the offer.

You can use Mind the Graph both for free and in paid extended variations. Depending on which services you need, you can choose between the Junior, Senior and ProTeams version. Prices at this point vary between $ 5 and $ 59 per month.

Image: Mind the Graph

11. Biteable

Biteable is the tool for anyone who wants to create a slightly different infographic or presentation - as a video. The platform is characterized by the fact that the produced video clips short and crisp are.

By using different templates and design suggestions, these gain both in quality and in seriousness. You can share your finished products on all common social media platforms.

Like many other tools, Biteable offers its users a free and a paid version. The latter starts with the plus version and costs 19 dollars per month. It offers you additional functions such as HD 1080p resolution.

Image: Biteable

12. Adioma

Adioma is software that offers its users a rather minimalist way of creating infographics. The main focus of this tool is on one subtle coloring as well as selected templates and pictograms. Users looking for a tool to create calm, explanatory and informative infographics are well advised with Adioma.

However, the tool does not always offer its services free of charge: After the free test phase has expired, a monthly discount has to be paid for the Pro, Expert and Business versions. Prices start here at $ 39 per month.

Image: Adioma

13. Time toast

The online Timetoast tool allows users to create a Infographic in the form of a timeline to create. This can contain running text and pictures to support the respective topic. A special feature of Timetoast is the fact that several users can work on a timeline at the same time.

You can use Timetoast for free, but only on your own - if you want to work with several people, it is advisable to test the Basic or Pro version for a monthly payment. The prices start here at just under 6 US dollars per month.

Image: Timetoast

14. Tableau

Tableau differs from other infographic tools in that it wasn't primarily designed for creating a beautiful graphic quickly. This tool is aimed at users who primarily with large data sets work and want to show them in a simplified way in a graphic.

Tableau Public can be used as a free app. However, both the updating and the local storage of data can only be implemented to a limited extent. If you want more options, you can book the package for individual users, teams and companies or for embedded analytics. Prices start at $ 70 per month.

Image: Tableau

15. Data wrapper

Another data processing tool is data wrapper. The provider is also something for beginners, because the approach for creating a graphic is explained in particularly small steps and in an understandable manner. When creating a graphic, chart or map, you have the option of uploading your data as an Excel or CSV file or importing a Google Sheet. External data can also be easily linked.

One advantage of the tool: You have to contact Datawrapper neither register nor login, but can start creating right away.

Datawrapper provides its users with a free version. However, if you would like to take advantage of other options, such as a personalized theme, print-ready graphics or the export of PNG, SVG and PDF files, you can choose between the custom and the enterprise version. The custom version is available for 499 euros a month.

Image: Datawrapper

Many of the tools mentioned here provide the same minimum standard of features. Depending on the extent and how often your content marketing relies on good infographics, quick and simple tools such as Piktochart or comprehensive solutions such as the outsourcing of Visually are sufficient.

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