What does commercial vehicle insurance cover

The ideal commercial vehicle insurance for your company

As mentioned, commercial vehicle insurance covers a wide range of different vehicles, which is why no general statements can be made about the conditions. As independent brokers, we obtain information from insurance companies and can offer you exactly what you need. For this purpose, we analyze the needs of your company and provide you with tailor-made insurance cover for your area of ​​application.

In addition to the type of vehicle to be insured, other criteria are decisive. For example, mileage is included in the calculation, as insurers include the kilometers traveled in the year in their calculation. Higher mileage is therefore to be assessed as an increased risk and is offset accordingly. Another aspect is the number of different drivers, as they usually have different levels of experience and a beginner poses a higher risk than an experienced driver. In addition to these points, there are the typical factors for determining the contribution amount. After we have discussed these features with you, we are able to find the cheapest and most suitable commercial vehicle insurance for your company.

What damage is liability for?

As with normal insurance, a distinction is made between liability, fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurance for commercial vehicle insurance. The exact type of damage that is covered varies depending on the policy taken out. With our help, companies can weigh up exactly what protection their vehicles need. Based on the individual needs, we, the Kluge Köpfe Unternehmensberater, Versicherung undfinanz GmbH, can obtain an offer tailored to your company so that your commercial vehicle insurance contains exactly what it needs.

If you would like further information on commercial vehicle insurance, you can simply contact us. As an independent broker, we can offer you offers tailored to your needs so that your vehicles are optimally protected.

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