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Students who are not insured on the basis of an employment relationship or a scholarship program must either be insured themselves or have them co-insured.

With both types of health insurance, certain requirements or conditions must be met. Contact your health insurance company directly, as the health insurance companies have different procedures for health insurance.

Age: up to the age of 27,
Proof of academic success: annually either 16 ECTS or 8 hours per week in the semester,
Duration of study: Co-insurance is not tied to compliance with the minimum duration of study.
Free co-insurance with parents (or grandparents) is possible up to the age of 27. Co-insurance with your spouse or partner is possible without any age restriction. However, this form of insurance is not always free.

A distinction is made between student and general self-insurance. Please inquire about the amount of the insurance directly with your health insurance company.

  • Student auto insurance

In order to be able to take advantage of this type of insurance, you must prove that you have a normal place of residence in Austria and must not have completed any studies.

Age: No maximum age provided,
Income: A maximum of € 8,000,
Duration of study: Minimum duration of study + four tolerance semesters,
Change of study: no more than two changes, at the latest after the second semester.