What are mobile sensors

PURE.MOBILE - sensors for mobile machines

Whether heat, cold, shock and vibrations, water, mud or dust - mobile machines such as commercial vehicles, construction machinery, municipal vehicles or agricultural machinery must work reliably under all conditions. In order to be able to guarantee this, sensors are required that continuously record and provide data under the toughest of requirements. For these applications, SIKO has developed the PURE.MOBILE technology and launched it on the market as a modular sensor system.

What is the PURE.MOBILE modular sensor system from SIKO?

Unlike a sensor from industry, which is only adapted for commercial vehicles, for example, a position sensor from the SIKO technology platform PURE.MOBILE has been designed and developed 100% for recording measured values ​​in commercial vehicles. PURE.MOBILE does not stand for a specific product line, but rather describes several Quality featureswhich a sensor marked with PURE.MOBILE technology must meet. This leads to a multitude of advantages:

Advantages of the PURE.MOBILE technology

  • Each sensor is also available as a safety sensor for applications up to performance level d (PLd)
  • Protection classes up to IP6K9K
  • Extended temperature range: -40… + 85 ° C (optional: + 105 ° C)
  • High EMC compatibility
  • Robust against shock and vibration
  • Expandable and configurable functions via option cards (sensor kit), such as inclination, DIP switches, digital I / O
  • E1 (UN ECE R10) compliant
  • Sensors that have been developed exclusively for the demanding use in commercial vehicles

Step by step to the right position sensor

The PURE.MOBILE modular sensor system was developed to ensure the greatest possible flexibility for you. With the help of the extensive configuration options, you can put together the ideal sensor for your application. With the following instructions you will always find the right position sensor for your application:

What sensors are there?

You will find the right one with the PURE.MOBILE modular sensor system Position sensor or Tilt sensor for your application. Our Draw-wire encoder, Encoder as Inclinometer measure positions rotative, linear as well as speed and inclination.

Which individual configuration of the sensors is possible?

Our rotary encoders and wire-actuated encoders can be expanded with the PURE.MOBILE sensor kit with optional option cards. This allows additional functions such as inclination measurement, parameterization or digital inputs / outputs to be added. The ideal sensor is created.

What interfaces are there for the sensors?

Our Sensors for mobile machines and commercial vehicles are with CANopen, CANopen Safety, Analog, SAEJ1939 as HTL / TTL interfaces available. This means that the sensors can be integrated quickly and easily into almost any application.

Are the sensors also suitable for safety-critical applications?

Each sensor in the PURE.MOBILE modular system is available in a safe version. These Safety sensors can also be used in safety-critical applications up to Performance Level d (PLd) can be used. The design of both variants does not change. Mechanical adjustments to your application are therefore not necessary.