Are guarantees for electronic products worthwhile

The benefits of guarantee insurance

Electrical devices become susceptible to repair with increasing age. This could get expensive. After the warranty period has expired, the repair costs are entirely up to you. And even during the manufacturer's warranty, not all damage is covered.

With the guarantee insurance you are protected against repair costs. Prerequisite: These are caused by wear and tear, material defects or improper handling (e.g. fall or water damage). ERGO Direkt Versicherung AG then pays the costs for spare parts, wages as well as arrival and departure or shipping.

You will also receive a grant to buy a new one if a repair is no longer worthwhile. When the contract expires and there is no damage, the money-back guarantee applies. Optionally, you can also secure your device against theft, robbery and vandalism.

If you take out warranty insurance while your device is still under warranty, the new insurance cover will continue seamlessly. Otherwise the guarantee insurance begins after a waiting period of only 3 months.

Your extra benefit: Subsidy for a new purchase

Even if the repair of your device is no longer worthwhile, you are protected against high expenses with warranty insurance. Because you will receive up to 60% of the previous purchase price as a subsidy for new purchases, depending on the age of the device. And if everything works perfectly by the end of the insurance, the money-back guarantee applies. If there are no claims, you will receive a reimbursement of up to € 30 per year.