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Exercise & strengthen wrists

Strong wrists are the be-all and end-all for a long-term handstand training. Because the wrists are offended very quickly. And through too much handstand training with too few muscles, you can unfortunately cause permanent damage to your wrists. In this post we will show you a selection of exercises with which you can train and strengthen your wrists.

Strengthening exercises for the wrists

The following exercises help you with it Build strength in your wrists and hands. Please note that this collection is not complete. It only shows a small selection of exercises. An infinite number of other exercises invite you to train the body. And it is important to find the exercises that are right for you. We are happy to help you by introducing you to some of our favorite exercises.

  • Roll up weight: A very nice and simple exercise for strengthening the wrists is rolling up a weight on a rope. Simply use a stick or something similar, a simple piece of string attach to it and attach a weight (like a filled bottle) to the other end. Then take the stick in your hand and slowly roll it up and down again. The hands can point both towards you and away from you. This is how you train different muscle groups.
  • Fold your wrist with a dumbbell: Just a dumbbell that is not too heavy hold in the hand. And then the wrist (not the arm) with the dumbbell always folds up and down. Do the whole thing slowly. Also keep the hand in all positions. Palm up, down, left and right. The wrist is trained in all possible ways.
  • Bouldering or climbing: Climbing is a great way to significantly increase the strength in your hands. It's also a lot of fun. So it is best to look around for a climbing hall in your area. And just give it a try. Preferably with friends.
  • Anti-stress balls and finger trainers: With so-called anti-stress balls you can not only keep your fingers busy when you are under stress. Kneading the balls will benefit your wrists. So-called finger trainers are even better for strength. This is a good way to increase your strength in your wrists.
  • Raise wrist: The palms of the hands press the floor. Keep your fingers on the ground. And the wrists go as far off the floor as possible. This strengthens the wrists and stretches the fingers. A very pleasant exercise.
  • Push-ups on fists: Doing push-ups on your fists is also good workout for your wrists. It's best to do the whole thing on a yoga mat. This is much more comfortable for the fists than training on the bare hard ground.
  • Powerball for training: A Powerball is a hand & muscle trainer. To be precise, it is a ball with a spool that can rotate. The higher the speed when turning, the greater the resistance and, accordingly, the higher the efficiency when training. And the best thing about it: The Powerball not only trains, but is also fun. You can find more information about the Powerballs in this post.
  • Book recommendation: The exercises in the following book can help you build strength: Become a Lithe Leopard - Updated and Expanded Edition: Improve Athletic Performance, Avoid Injuries, and Relieve Pain

Why are the wrists so vulnerable?

The wrists are not designed to take that much weight. When doing a handstand, we put heavy loads on our hands in one go. Especially when you if you start to practice the handstand, the muscles to stabilize the wrists are missing. This quickly leads to an overload and pain in the wrist. And if things go stupid, serious injury / damage such as a ganglion (a capsule with water retention in the joint).

Do you already have wrist problems?

If your wrist is already causing problems, then it means: take care of it, take care of it, take care of it. Unfortunately this is inevitable. And depending on the type and severity of the problems you already have, there are of course other measures that you can / should take.

  • Slightly injured wrist: If your wrist is slightly offended, then you don't have to worry too much. Rest for a few days, stretch your wrist a bit, possibly wrist bandages. And your arm is ready to use again. A few of the strengthening exercises above will definitely not do any harm if you feel good again.
  • The problems don't go away: Even if the doctor usually cannot say or do much. If you have persistent problems, go to the doctor and at least have them checked out. By the way, you will certainly hear: Then simply stop doing a handstand. By the way, light training has proven very useful for us when the wrists don't want to. However, always only gently to strengthen the muscles. Some of the problems can go away from this.
  • You can barely move your hand: Here, too, it is important to see a doctor and have it clarified. If you feel a strange ball in your wrist, the chances are high that you have a ganglion. It's not dangerous, so you don't have to be afraid. But that can be super painful. Sometimes you can't even put your hand on a ganglion without it hurting like hell. But that depends on many factors, e.g. how much the ganglion is currently filled with fluid. Doctors often recommend surgery. But the chances of success are slim. Ganglions like to come back. And then there is carpal tunnel syndrome and tendon sheath inflammation. So we actually covered 99% of wrist problems with just 3 diagnoses.
  • Always warm up wrists well in the future: If you ever had problems with your wrists, they'll come back very quickly and with pleasure. Now it's even more important that you get yourself a good warm-up routine before doing handstands. You can find tips and ideas for this here in the post.
  • Aids for prevention: There are a few ways you can take pressure off your wrists when doing handstands. The wrist bandages are a variant that takes the pressure off the joint. In order to put significantly less pressure on the joints during the handstand itself, you can also use handstand bars (non-slip & inclined) or handstand blocks (non-slip) deploy. You can find more details on this in this post from us on the subject of training with the handstand bars.

We very much hope that our exercises and insights into the subject of "wrists" have helped you. If you have any additions or nice exercises, please send us a short information. We are always looking for nice new exercises and variations. By the way: You can find all articles on the topic of wrists here.

Want a guided video exercise?

If you prefer to work with videos and want to be shown how to exercise your wrists bit by bit, check out the following video. In his video, Cali shows some very much nice exercises and at the same time explains a lot about wrists.

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