What does choking like a dog mean?

Your dog is coughing and choking - that may be the reason

Even the fast one Devouring food or drink or physical exertion can trigger the cough reflex. In particular, coughing can occur in dogs on colder days than Cold symptom occur and thus indicate a flu or viral infection. As a dog owner, it is not always easy to find out what triggered the cough at first.

What does it mean when the dog coughs?

Cough (medical Chicks) is the explosive expulsion of air. This happens either randomly or by triggering the cough reflex. First, a distinction is made between two types of cough: dry and wet cough. choke however, is a reflex in which the muscles in the throat contract to prevent foreign objects from entering the airways.

Coughing and choking are often confused. Choking doesn't come from the lungs. The dog spits out mucus or liquid when choking. If the Cough is too strong, the dog can finally additionally still choke.

root cause

At the dry cough the dog's voice sounds rather thick and rough. You may notice that the dog barks differently! The dry cough is often associated with suffering and is usually considered quite painful. The 8 most common causes of dry cough:

  • The dog has swallowed. However, this cough usually only lasts a few minutes and then disappears.
  • Infections or inflammations: Influenza viruses, or kennel cough, are the most common causes of infection. Unvaccinated or young dogs are particularly affected. In addition, watery eyes and nasal discharge are common in the affected dogs.
  • Also Diseases of the heart can lead to increased dry coughing, especially when the dog is physically exerted.
  • Asthma or allergies can lead to increased dryness of the throat in dogs.
  • Count as well Infections in the trachea or in Throat and larynx area as possible triggers.
  • Dogs, who tend to devour their food particularly hastily, may too Unchewed pieces of food or foreign objects how bones get into the airways and trigger the dry cough there.
  • With a so-called Tracheal collapse, a collapse of the windpipe, a dry cough is a typical first sign. This occurs frequently in dwarf dog breeds such as Chihuahuas or Yorkshire terriers. A genetic predisposition is suspected to be the cause.
  • Did your dog have one accident or one Injury to the chest area? Then I would have the cause of the cough clarified as soon as possible!

The so-called wet cough denotes that the dog makes a less harsh, more muffled, gurgling noise when coughing and liquid or slimy discharge is excreted with the coughing process.

  • It can be a further advanced stage one Heart disease act that has affected the lungs.
  • Also an advanced, untreated one lung infection can change from dry to wet cough. Other symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever and fatigue can also occur. Also Tumors the lungs fall under this category
  • When expelling phlegm, there could be a Tonsillitis behind it. This is it not a cough, but gagging.
  • Was your darling abroad? Various parasites in the Mediterranean can cause coughs. The Heartworm is e.g. is a widespread parasite abroad.
  • Does your dog often go to the forest? The locals too Lungworms can be the cause of the cough!
At a Tonsillitis (Tonsilitis) dog owners often think that their dog has something stuck in their throat!

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Unlike other symptoms, coughing is relatively easy to spot.

  • The "dog cough" sounds exactly the same in dogs as it does in humans
  • Often times you will find that your dog is coughing after you've been away from the walk come back
  • Also physical exertion like playing, can provoke a cough. With small breeds it could be one Tracheal collapse Clues. This is by means of roentgen or one Endoscopy verifiable (see below).
  • Does your dog cough more often than usual during the night? That could be a Heart problem or water in the lungs (Pulmonary edema).
  • Heart disease can mean roentgen or Ultrasonic be detected. A Cardiac ultrasound cannot be done by every veterinarian, but it does the most reliable method to diagnose heart problems. This is the only way your dog will get the best possible therapy against his heart problem
  • In many diseases that cause cough, only one can be the cause Endoscopy be detected. Unfortunately, your darling has to be anesthetized for this. The inside of the body is examined directly using a camera. A biopsy (Tissue sample) or a Swab sample can also take place as part of such an endoscopy.
Acute cough doesn't always have to be a life-threatening sign. At the chronic cough however (more than 2 weeks) the cause should always be found.

Therapy against the dog's cough

The dog's immune system can be strengthened by various preparations. (e.g. the Immune booster by Dr. SAM). There are specially formulated herbal mixtures that have been proven to strengthen your dog's immune system. This natural herbal mixture was developed by our veterinarians especially for dogs to strengthen the immune system. Our herbal mixture Immunbooster for dogs should be used for the following indications:

  • For support in stressful situations
  • For colds and cystitis
  • With age-related impaired activity of the immune system
  • To prevent infections

The medicinal plants used contain special active ingredients which the Promote the function of the body's own immune system and support long-term well-being. In this way, the immune system can also be prophylactically supported and strengthened. The medicinal plants not only combat coughs but also prevent them at the same time.

You can easily order our immune booster for dogs in our shop.

  • Tonsillitis usually have to be treated immediately, otherwise the dog will suffer severely.
In short-nosed dog breeds, tonsillitis can lead to shortness of breath! Here you should speak to a veterinarian immediately, otherwise your dog could suffocate!
  • heart problems are usually very treatable. An old dog can often live happily for several years with a heart problem.
  • The Tracheal collapse is a collapse of the trachea. He comes especially with dwarf dog breeds before (Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese, Miniature Spitz, Miniature Schnauzer). A attack-like cough is an early symptom. If you have a small breed of dog, keep in mind that tracheal collapse could occur. Depending on the severity, medication can help, or surgery may even be an option. This should be discussed with the veterinarian.


  • A healthy immune systemand the necessary vaccinations, protect your dog from viral diseases for the time being. As with us humans, viral infections spread faster in winter than in summer.
  • heart problems can age-related or race-related be. Many breeds (Boxer, Cavalier King Charles, Doberman) have it congenital or hereditary heart disease. Do some research on your dog's breed and whether the breeder pays attention to it.
  • Older dogs should have a major check-up once a year. This includes a complete blood count but also a chest x-ray.

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