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Hair Serum Test 2021



Even in ancient India, people liked to pour oil on their heads when they had ailments - this tradition is still rudimentary in many cultures today. Here in the West, too, we use oil for body and hair care. We compared a few serums and oils under the microscope and created a top 5 with our favorites in the “Best Hair Serums 2021” category. After a quick read, you are sure to find the right product for you.



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Wella Luxe Oil


The product from Wella came off as the best hair serum in the test. The manufacturer is well-known in the field of hair care and can also offer a special product with a good price-performance ratio with this serum.

The Luxe Oil makes it incredibly easy to comb and nourishes the hair from within. The reconstruction technology developed by Wella rebuilds the hair and, with regular use, ensures a good result.

The packaging is particularly handy and can be taken anywhere. Even when traveling, the 100 ml easily go through every security check. The design of the hair serum also appeals to the aesthetic sense with its soft nuances of gold and yellow. The glass flacon also looks very high quality. Men as well as women will find what they are looking for here.

You can also buy our test winner in an economy set of 2x 100 ml, which makes this product a relatively inexpensive hair serum on top of that. Unfortunately the product is not free from silicone.


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Truu Me Hair Serum-a


This serum is a product that stimulates hair growth. The active ingredients contained in the Truu Me are all of herbal nature and stimulate the blood circulation around the hair follicles. In addition, cell regeneration is promoted and sebum secretion is regulated. All three factors together ensure a better environment around the hair root, which leads to new hair growth and protects the existing hair.

Another crucial factor is that DHT, or dehydro-testosterone, is blocked. The latter is largely responsible for hair loss - both in men and women. If the docking of this material is prevented, the hair will stay in place longer.

In order for the serum to be effective, it must of course be used regularly. If you succeed in doing this, there is a good chance that your hair will become fuller, thicker, and firmer in the medium and long term. In principle, the product is suitable for all hair types.


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Johnson & Johnson 06-0490-01


With the classic among the products against hair loss, you basically can't go wrong if you lose your hair faster than you would like.

The "Regaine" is not a serum, but a light foam, but it works in a similar way to a serum against premature hair loss. Many test persons were able to confirm that the hair falls out much more slowly or the loss seems to have stopped completely. Indeed, some did regrow new hair.

The manufacturer promises first results after 12 months, which is already very fast in terms of hair growth. Unfortunately, hair doesn't grow quickly or all at the same time, which means you have to be patient.

As far as the quantity is concerned, buy three times 60 ml and the price unfortunately has a lot to offer, for which there is a point deduction in comparison. By the way: Where there has never been hair, this foam will not wax either. In the test it became clear that men without a beard won't get one just because they wear Regaine. However, the product can work small miracles in sparse areas in the beard that were previously full of hair.


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Thiocyn 150 ml


As a special care product, Thiocyn is primarily aimed at hereditary hair loss.

In addition, the scalp, which is partially irritated by the hair loss, is soothed and itching is relieved if necessary. The hair follicle is strengthened again and can produce new hair where it had previously grown. Please be aware that no hair growth can be produced on parts of the body where there are no hair follicles due to the condition.

The active ingredient thiocyanate contained in the serum ensures that the hair roots are protected from growth-inhibiting influences. The agent is also extremely effective in the fight against free radicals.

As with many products against hair loss, Thyocin must be used regularly over a certain period of time in order to achieve the desired success. The manufacturer recommends an application for at least three months, more likely six months. The test subjects were also only able to achieve their first results after six weeks at the earliest. One bottle of the product lasts for a maximum of six weeks, which is why we recommend buying two at once.

The skin compatibility was dermatologically tested and was also confirmed in the test in the long term. People diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia can use the remedy to strengthen the hair follicle from the inside and to slow or stop hair loss. The active ingredient has no influence on the hormonal balance, which is particularly important for women. No other side effects are known either; it is a cosmetic product and not a medical care product.


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Ingrubar 1002


This serum against hair loss works with 12 plants as a "hair thickener". Ingrubar's product stimulates hair growth and can slow down or stop hair loss entirely.

The product is free of harmful additives such as mineral oil products, silicones or parabens and does not contain any artificial colors or hormones.

The active substances in the serum are all vegetable in nature and include, for example, anti-inflammatory nettle, horsetail that stimulates circulation, cleansing oats and fortifying golden millet. It also contains biotin and vitamin B5.

The application of this tonic is very easy; You can apply it to the dry as well as the damp scalp and then simply massage it in well. It is not rinsed out, which increases its effectiveness - however, especially in people with thin hair, this leads to visually visible sticking of the hair.


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