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Translation of "are you standing on this" in English

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Do you like this Roleplay, man?

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I thought, you like this Jungle life.
Ariel, come on you like this Type.
I know, you get up Fashion and this Junk.
You stand yes not to this Maggie.
You stand now on take this Hose, and when I say, "go ahead," you sprinkle the street.
You stand up right now, pick up this hose and when I say, "Begin," you sprinkle the road.
I beg you, you stand but also to this Complete jeans combination.
Now are you standing before your most important decision.
And today are you standing here in front of me, in front of Gurukul.
I never ever wanted to hear your voice ... and today you are standing in front of me on my doorstep.
Apparently are you standing not on rust.
As Santa Claus are you standing there alone nowadays.
You want to be Santa Claus these days, you on your own.
There is the camera, there are you standing.
Here are you standing safe and good.
There. You'll be safe right here.
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