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The embarrassing duel between the US Republicans

They have a common goal: Obama should go, and everyone wants to inherit him. Political veteran Newt Gingrich and ex-Governor Mitt Romney have been engaged in an embarrassing battle of words for days. It should be the decisive Republican duel.

Clashed in a debate: The Republicans Mitt Romney (l.) And Newt Gingrich (r.)


In the Republican presidential run, it seems that everything boils down to a race between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. In a debate between the applicants on Saturday (local time) in Des Moines, Iowa, the two top candidates clashed vigorously. It was about personal career and current Middle East politics. In Iowa, the Republican primary starts on January 3rd. Gingrich is currently clearly leading the polls, followed by Romney at some distance.

Gingrich, Republican head of parliament in the mid-1990s, defended his controversial statement that the Palestinians were an "invented people" during the debate. This view is "historically true," he said. Counterparty Romney called the statement a mistake. "You don't speak in the name of Israel," he said.

The Palestinians reacted with harsh criticism to Gingrich's words. His remarks "will provide ammunition for the bin Laden and all extremists for a long, long time," said Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat on CNN. Gingrich, on the other hand, said: "Someone has to have the courage to tell the truth. There are too many lies about the Middle East".

"Never worked as a lobbyist"

The two top applicants also argued about their personal careers. Gingrich accused Romney of failing to become a career politician simply because he lost an election for a Massachusetts Senate seat in 1994 against Ted Kennedy. Romney replied that what the country needed least of all was politicians who had lived in Washington all their lives.

Gingrich also defended fee payments from the now nationalized real estate financier Freddie Mac of $ 1.6 million. He was only paid for "strategic advice". He never worked as a lobbyist.

According to an average of various surveys determined by the website, Gingrich is currently leading the field with over 33 percent approval. Romney followed by a long way with around 21 percent. Experts expect that the winner will be determined on March 6th at the earliest, the "Super Tuesday", on which the Republican candidate selection takes place in numerous states.

Gingrich is also clearly ahead in the polls in Iowa. A survey by the broadcaster ABC and the Washington Postsees the 68-year-old at 28 percent, Romney at only 18 percent.